Telent invests in Employee Experience and Goes Live with Oracle HCM Cloud and Payroll

Telent invests in Employee Experience and Goes Live with Oracle HCM Cloud and Payroll

Telent is investing in Oracle HCM Cloud and Payroll to streamline HR and payroll processes, cut costs and standardise processes for its circa 3000 plus employees across three main business divisions.

(London, UK) 17 October 2023 – Namos Solutions, a leading Systems Integrator and Managed Service provider of Oracle Cloud Applications and Technology, has today announced that Telent is now live on Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll Cloud and will transition to Managed Services over the next few weeks. 

Telent Technology Services is a leading technology company and specialises in the design, build, support and management of the UK’s critical digital infrastructure. The business has a strong focus on transport, emergency services, network providers and the public sector, and acts as a trusted partner for a wide range of organisations undertaking digital change.

Telent is a service provider business, where employees are at its heart.  The people strategy identified that there was a need to simplify processes and drive overall efficiencies to support both the employee experience and the business strategy. In 2022 through a competitive tender process Telent employed Namos and Orion to implement Oracle HCM Cloud and Payroll.

Beginning in July 2022, the collaborative project between Namos, Telent and their associates Orion, successfully went live on 09 October 2023, concluding after 14 months of dedicated work. The joint efforts of Namos and Telent have enabled a genuine partnership, guaranteeing that the entire Telent HR and Payroll team and its wider employees are well-informed and equipped to fully utilise the new HR system and its capabilities, and understand the benefits it brings to their day-to-day roles.

Telent Group People Director, Jemimah Parnell, “As part of Telent’s People Strategy we set out to improve our people data and processes, to help our employees but also to drive business efficiencies and support development. Namos have helped us on that journey, the Oracle HCM and Payroll system they have implemented and the subsequent Managed Service they are providing will mean our employees are more self-sufficient and informed and Managers are more effective in their roles as they have access to data and processes have been simplified. The new system means that, we as a team are supporting Telent’s business operations long-term, ensuring its sustainability and success in the future.”

Namos’ CEO, Chris Mason, “I want to thank both teams (Namos and Telent), for the time, effort, and skill they have put into this project. This has been a joint team throughout the project, they have been dedicated to one goal throughout, and that was to Go-Live successfully and achieve the objectives of the project. I can say with confidence that it has been achieved.”

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About Telent

Telent is a leading technology company and specialist in the design, build, support and management of the UK’s critical digital infrastructure, drawing on decades of experience in mission critical communications and technology. We enable organisations to create, improve and operate the ICT and communication networks that their businesses and operations depend on.

Telent are at the heart of many of the UK’s and Ireland’s best-known organisations, with a strong focus on key areas including transport, emergency services, network providers and the public sector.  Our expertise, accreditations and knowledge make us a trusted partner for organisations at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Clients include Transport for London, Highways England, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Virgin Media, Network Rail, Openreach, Merseyside Fire and Rescue and Hinkley Point C.