Levelling Up your Oracle Cloud Deployment – Overview of PPM

Chris Laird - Levelling Up Series - PPM

Author: Christopher Laird, PPM Consultant at Namos Solutions So far this blog series has focussed on Levelling Up your Oracle Cloud Deployment by implementing the Advanced Procurement suite of modules. This time, we will switch our focus to one of the most powerful and feature rich sets of functionalities within the Oracle Cloud footprint: Project […]

Levelling Up your Oracle Cloud Deployment – Supplier Qualification Management

Hassan Khan- Levelling Up Series - Supplier Qual Mgmt

Author: Hassan Ali Khan, ERP Consultant – Procure to Pay at Namos Solutions Levelling Up Blog Series Overview It is inevitable that amidst the heat and noise of an Oracle Cloud implementation certain nice to haves can end up falling out of scope. Whether through time, budget, or simply capacity for your team to adopt […]

Webinar – The Experience Series – How Help Desks are rewriting the way employees engage with the business (Session 6)

Organisations across all industries are rethinking how they operate as more people work from home, and many are experimenting with automated help desk and Case Management tools to meet demands around complex case management, providing workers with quick, consistent access to HR services, processes, and policies, whenever and wherever they may be.​ Natively developed in Oracle […]

VBCS as Progressive Web App

Mo Rafi - VBCS as Progressive Web App

Author: Mohammed Rafi, Oracle Technical Principal Consultant, Namos Solutions PWAs are web apps that use service workers, manifests, and other web-platform features in combination with progressive enhancement to give users an experience on par with native apps. PWAs are smaller, enabling faster loading than native web applications and lowering the bounce rate. Steps to implement VBCS […]

Talent Management and Learning Cloud

Oracle 23D- Raf - Talent Management and Learning Cloud - title

Author: Rafael Goncalves, HCM Consultant, Namos Solutions From November 2023, Oracle is delivering more long-awaited updates, enhancements and many new features in Talent Management and Oracle Learning Cloud. Oracle continues to increase the availability of more pages and flows in the new Redwood layout to recreate the user browsing experience on several Talent Management and […]

Procure Like a Pro – Everything you need to know about the latest in Oracle Procurement Cloud

Procure Like a Pro - Kanupriya Tripathi (1)

Author: Kanupriya Tripathi, SCM Consultant, Namos Solutions Oracle Cloud Procurement uses cutting-edge technologies to assist enterprises in streamlining, standardising, and automating their source-to-settle process, giving them more control over spending and procurement procedures. As a result, costs are reduced and profit margins are increased. It also improves user engagement, collaboration, and the simplification, standardisation, and […]