Namos is dedicated to Quality – Our Centre of Excellence is launched 

#TeamNamos is pleased to announce we are launching a new practice, our Centre of Excellence. This brand-new team is set up and will get to work from Monday and we are happy to say it will be under the expert guidance of Pete Gutteridge-Paye.  Pete Gutteridge-Paye, newly appointed Centre of Excellence Director said, “I am […]

Webinar – The Experience Series – How Help Desks are rewriting the way employees engage with the business (Session 6)

Organisations across all industries are rethinking how they operate as more people work from home, and many are experimenting with automated help desk and Case Management tools to meet demands around complex case management, providing workers with quick, consistent access to HR services, processes, and policies, whenever and wherever they may be.​ Natively developed in Oracle […]

23C Quarterly Update – Solving your Recruiting Needs

Autor: Pete Gutteridge-Paye, Talent Management Practice Lead, Namos Solutions Introduction Oracle Recruiting Cloud will receive the 23C quarterly update in environments from August 2023. This blog aligns Talent Acquisition and Recruitment organisational needs and requirements with the relevant enhancement from Oracle in 23C. With quarterly enhancements delivered by Oracle it is important for customer, clients […]

Namos 10 Year Anniversary

Namos celebrates its 10 year anniversary on 16th July 2022. A timeline of its successes and what its taken to reach this pivotal point in its history.

Now more than ever, our mental health has become a top priority – particularly in the workplace

For most people, work is big part of their life. It’s where we spend most of our time – earn an income, developing ourselves professionally and building relationships. Having positive experiences at work will have a significant influence on our overall wellbeing.   Our mental stability has come into sharp focus this year, as the world tackles the COVID-19 outbreak which left many of us feeling anxious about how it has and may continue to impact our present and future. It is only natural that it […]