Quarterly Update – Workforce Management

Oracle 24A- Blessing - Workforce Management (3)

Author: Blessing Mufisha, HCM Consultant, Namos Solutions In the ever-evolving landscape of workforce management, Oracle has introduced ground-breaking updates to its Absence Management module. Let’s delve into the significant enhancements that promise to reshape the way organisations handle absence management and payroll integration. Calculate and Post Accruals at the Start of Repeating Period One of […]

24A Quarterly Update – Oracle Time and Labor (OTL)

Oracle 24A- Marcus - OTL 2

Author: Marcus Brown, Payroll & OTL Consultant, Namos Solutions Given that OTL is part of the vanguard of Oracle’s charge to move customers to the brave new Redwood UI world, and the fact that we saw heavy updates in 23B and 23D, it is therefore unsurprising that many of the 24A enhancements for the HCM […]

24A Quarterly Update- Recruiting

Oracle 24A- Shelley - Recruiting 2

Author: Shelley Yeomans, HCM Consultant, Namos Solutions Introduction Welcome to 2024, and to start off the New Year Oracle have provided the details of the Recruiting Cloud 24A update from February 2024. This blog will cover some of the key enhancements that Oracle have made in 24A to help you get the most out of […]

Talent Management and Learning Cloud – 24A Key Features

Oracle 24A- Pooja - Talent Management and Learning Cloud 2

Author: Pooja Golani, HCM Consultant, Namos Solutions Oracle’s latest 24A release is coming soon, bringing with it a wealth of exciting enhancements throughout the application. Read on to find out what it brings to the Talent Management and Learning functionalities. Profile Management Profile Management Redwood Experience To improve user experience and cohesiveness of the application, […]

24A Quarterly Update – Payroll

Oracle 24A- Bryan - Payroll 2

Author: Bryan Kennerley, Senior Payroll Consultant, Namos Solutions Oracle Payroll Cloud receives the first quarterly update of 2024 from February. This article will summarise the most interesting updates from a UK payroll perspective. The first update of the year is fairly light on new features as we are in the run up to the new […]