Student Number Planning

Real-Time Data Modelling

Gain confidence in data accuracy, save time and systematised your processes.

The Namos Student Number Planning solution allows for Real-Time, trend based analysis to accurately predict student numbers throughout the academic year. This means that Higher Education institutions can meet targets and optimise resource allocation.

Our Oracle EPM advanced financial modelling helps you create actionable and reliable real-world insights.

Student Number Planning is a tailored application designed and implemented by Namos. The software is built using cutting-edge Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) technology with the specific aim of helping universities manage and plan course enrolment and resources.

Using real-time data, the solution is able to conduct trend-based analysis at every point of the admissions process, and throughout the academic year, to predict future student numbers and measure attainment against target.

Additionally, qualitative data is also garnered from the Student Number Planning solution, as real-time drop-off rates are incorporated into analysis, giving a holistic view of performance against targets.

Crucially these predictions and measurements can be translated into financials and resource planning, as projected student fees can be modelled against income and expenditure throughout your institution. 


Student Number Planning

View our online PDF to find out more about how our Student Number Planning Solution can assist with your university’s enrolment planning, using advanced modelling and connected data.

Do I need Oracle’s Suite of Applications to run the Student Number Planning Solution?

No – The solution is ‘software agnostic’, this means that it can integrate with any educational financial system that you might already be using. The flexibility of the system to adapt to multiple IT systems allows for consistent and reliable performance for any institution.

Student Number Planning

Key Features

Real-Time Data Modelling - By taking a real-time feed from a student record system, projections can be adjusted throughout the entire year.

Assess Course Quality - Course drop-off rates can be an indication of inaccurate alignment between student anticipation and course level. Measurement of this alignment can help universities set targets in line with university aspirations paying heed to financial drivers.

Connected Planning - With more accurate forecasting of student numbers and ultimately revenue, more confidence can be given to workforce planning. With the affordances of EPM connected planning, student planning provides insight into typically, a university’s largest source of revenue, giving a complete view of the university’s finances now and into the future.

Predict Student Volume - Using Oracle’s advanced Machine Learning algorithms, the solution predicts accurate student numbers across courses factoring in a whole host of customisable drivers. Allowing for high-quality decision making for planning.

Incorporate Financial Data - International and domestic students can be categorised with the differences in their fees being accounted for. This means that accurate calculations of revenue can be ascertained. This revenue forecasting can be modelled against department budgets to ensure control of expenditure.

From Registration to Graduation - Student Number Planning can now go further than measuring attainment against targets. Every stage on the university student lifecycle can be measured independently, and modelled against income and other areas of campus. This allows for a more granular view of your data, which supports future planning.

Student Number Planning

Benefits for you

Predict and Model Student Numbers

See Real-Time Financial Impact of Course Targets

Single Source of Truth

Can be Used Across the Full Student Lifecycle

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