Namos Archive Reporting Tool

Our Cloud-Based Solution for Legacy System Retention, Management, and Reporting

You’ve made the decision, you’re moving to the Cloud.

Your next decision is what do you do with your legacy system or systems that are currently on-premise.

For compliance and auditing you need to retain, manage, search within and report on your legacy system. But it is costly and inefficient to keep this system on-premise, the best solution is to archive it in the Cloud with the Namos Archive Reporting Tool.

The Namos Archive Reporting Tool enables you to decommission legacy systems, whilst maintaining access to them for the likes of FoI, GDPR and Business requests. This reduces costs, as it eliminates the need for maintenance, hardware, and mass storage. 

Oracle’s APEX tool will provide a user-friendly front-end interface and will run on an Autonomous Database for accessing archived data in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Benefits for you

Remain compliant, avoiding fines

Simplify your IT infrastructure and reduce operating costs

by having less systems in your server room – or getting rid of your server room entirely

Quickly and easily access legacy data

for reporting and audit purposes

Retain flexibility

by adding future reports as an when you need them

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