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Efficient Online Tool for Accurate Staff Data Return to HESA

How long does it take to submit a HESA Return?

At a time when the Higher Education sector is under increased pressure to show efficiencies, it is somewhat ironic that one of the key pieces of management information that feeds into those discussions, the staff HESA return, is often such an inefficient process. This is due to the detail required, and how/where the data is stored. In addition, this data is often stored in multiple systems making the whole process even more complex.

Say goodbye to laborious data collation and cleansing and manual XML manipulation!

The solution can build a HESA return in minutes in an easy to use intuitive interface all within HCM. The app ensures all HESA fields are populated with valid data from your source system, and where there are issues, the app will highlight them by applying over 130 HESA validation rules. If data quality is an issue the tool can map data for you, apply dozens of ‘Autofixes’ and even provide an interface to amend data (fully audited). 

The eNsure™ – HESA Submission App removes all of the heavy lifting from building a staff HESA return.  


Key Features

Namos have deep expertise in HR systems, Higher Education and HESA. Our consultants will work with you to identify all of the data required for a HESA staff submission

It works equally well with any HCM system - it does not need to be an Oracle system

Where your data sources do not quite fit the mould of HESA, we have an abundance of options available, with the ability of being able to map and model the data within the application

Any corrective action taken is fully audited

Validates against over 130 business and exception stage validation rules

HESA rule violations, the application can infer the appropriate corrective action to take. These ‘Autofix’ rules can of course be toggled on or off as you wish

Built on Oracle technology and designed to be hosted on secure, scalable Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The application will model the data into the HESA defined data model and allow you to view and report on the data in a host of chart and file format options

It can be embedded within HCM and accessed through single sign on (SSO), however, it can equally be deployed as a standalone solution

Meet Jenny

Like you, Jenny finds HESA submissions laborious, time consuming and frustrating. 

Do HESA Submissions take a significant chunk out of your productive day and stress you out?

HESA Submission App

Benefits for you


Dramatically reducing time spent on gathering and cleansing data

Data Quality

Automatically validating against HESA quality rules


Drawing data directly from source systems mapped to the correct HESA values


Streamlines collection, collation, validation and build into one quick, easy and intuitive system

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