eNtrust™ - Technical Optimisation

Driving efficiency and compliance for your Oracle system

You’ve been in the Cloud over a year and inefficiencies are creeping in.

Your next decision is how do you prove what is causing it, how widespread or contained it is and ultimately, how do you fix these inefficiencies.

The optimisation of your Oracle system is not just down to the functional set up of your system – it can be impacted by relatively mundane decisions made across the life and usage of your system, whether that system is Finance, HCM or Supply Chain related.

Your user adoption could have dropped, whilst the number of pain points around the system has increased, your licence usage has increased without increased team growth, and the promised automation is not being realised. – What can you do? 

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The 5 R’s of eNtrust

Ensuring a thorough review and repair of the system:

  • Review – We take a foundational look at the build configuration of your implemented modules. We assess your current challenges and review any pre-existing concerns.
  • Report – From initial Deep Dive sessions, we deploy a series of custom reports that analyse how you currently use your Oracle systems. 
  • Recommend – After Namos and yourselves have processed these reports, we collate our findings and compare real-world usage against system configuration.
  • Repair – Building a stronger system, we deploy changes in a Test environment for UAT. Once accepted, we deploy your new, more efficient set-up.
  • Recover – Measurement of this activity is of paramount importance. After a set period of time of business as usual, we can evaluate your new set-up and accurately measure ROI.
eNtrust - Technical Optimisation

Benefits for you

Risk Mitigation

Helps with ensuring your system is contractually compliant.

Cost Control

Optimising costs by avoiding unnecessary expenses associated with non compliance.

Process Improvement

Helps to bring the system back in line with Oracle best practices and realigns your business with modern recommended practices.

User Adoption

Helps to ensure everyone has the correct role and responsibilities for their role, making them more efficient.


Helps to mitigate security risks associated with unauthorised (roles) access granted to users. Giving you better segregation of duties.

Budget and Forecasting

Better budget planning and forecasting of actual Oracle usage and helps to keep you on top of your actual Oracle licence needs.

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