Direct Debit Services

Our Cloud-Based Solution for AUDDIS, ADDACS and ARUDD

Direct Debits are one of the most standard ways of customers paying Businesses regular payments. There are a number of services that make up Direct Debit services, currently none of these are available from Oracle Cloud.

Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service (ADDACS)

– streamlines the process of Direct Debt amendments and cancellations, ensuring that you receive information quickly – and with reduced risk of error.

Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service (AUDDIS)

– enables you to send new Direct Debit Instructions to your customers’ bank electronically, reducing manual processes and errors.

Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debits Service (ARUDD)

– is the automated system used by the banks to return unpaid Direct Debit payments.

Namos has developed an integrated cloud-based solution for Direct Debit services which covers the three services of AUDDIS, ADDACS and ARUDD.

These services assist in providing a quick, easy and cost-effective way to collect direct debit payments. This custom offering has added value to numerous Oracle Cloud Customers in the market already!

Oracle Cloud currently does not have any in-built solution for AUDDIS and Direct Debit. Furthermore, there are no plans to release the functionality into the ERP Cloud Suite.


Key Functions

Embeds within your Fusion Applications screen and gives you instant access to validate bank accounts (Modulus Check) before they are setup for any customers willing to use AUDDIS and Direct Debit functionality

Designed, developed and deployed to set up Direct Debit Instructions with no time wasted, no paperwork and no manual efforts

Automates the transfer of Direct Debit Instructions (DDIs) between your organisation and the bank

All entities (Service users, consumer and bank) using Direct Debit benefit from this service

The Direct Debit offering enables organisations to collect regular payments from customers automatically. The ERP system sends an advance notice letter to the customer with all the collection details and is advised of any future changes. This solution can be configured for both Person and Organization type customer in Oracle Fusion

Custom built reports for every part of the Direct Debit Service to the customer’s generic email address for tracking, auditing and reporting purposes


Benefits for you

Full reporting, to comply with auditing

No manual processing

No paper involved – all automatic

Reduces errors

Saves Time

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