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Namos, one of the UK’s leading quality driven Oracle Partners, offer our customers complete support and peace of mind when it comes to Oracle Cloud services

Our honesty, integrity, and trust values, ensure that when we work on architecting, migrations, provisioning, monitoring, optimisation and multicloud, we’ll always be putting your interests first. We work to guaranteed SLAs and outcomes with a focus on delivering performance and value for organisations using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Our capability to cover the entire OCI journey, from simple HealthChecks and proof of concepts, through to fully fledged transformations and migrations, with optional fully managed services, makes us an ideal partner for your cloud transformation.

Demystifying the Cloud

We know that the move to the cloud can be scary, complex, or just seem outright impossible. We’ve worked with our customers to demystify the cloud, and to help our customers migrate safely and with confidence.

We always work in partnership with our customers to drive value and outcomes, whilst offering our expert advice based on years of experience. With Namos you will have a trusted advisor by your side throughout your Cloud Journey.


Namos has a highly experienced, seasoned staff of Oracle Database specialists that have a proven track record of offering 3rd party Oracle support built around our customers’ needs.

Our specialist team have experience in onsite, remote, cloud, or legacy database administration, problem solving, performance tuning and optimisation. It’s highly likely we’ve helped a customer with similar challenges in the past, and we can bring that knowledge to help your business tackle tomorrows challenges today.

Our Oracle Database Teams actively support customers during Cloud Database migrations and are able to reduce IT costs by as much as 70%. This can be done whilst simultaneously improving the performance and resilience of mission critical applications.

Our proactive and preventative Cloud or on-premise Managed Services tools will enable you to have a trusted partner take care of the reliability, maintenance, support, and administration of your Oracle database environments.

We know that data powers your business. We understand that your database servers are now more mission critical than ever before. Your data is the lifeblood of your business, and it needs to flow efficiently to allow you to maximise the potential of your enterprise.

Our Oracle Healthcheck will help you understand your data. We work holistically to identify the performance, stability and availability of your Oracle based systems. The aim is to provide you with a roadmap for improvement, and to help you understand the various options available to you should you wish to improve performance, stability, security or reduce costs.

Our capability to cover the entire OCI journey, from simple Healthchecks and proof of concepts, through to fully fledged transformations and migrations, with optional fully managed services makes us an ideal partner for your cloud transformation.

Oracle provides over 80 cloud infrastructure services in 34 regions and has more than 70 million users. With customer such as Uber and Redbull Racing taking advantage of this infrastructure for mission critical realtime workloads.

We strive to help our customers understand OCI, by providing truthful and honest advice based on years of experience. Our technical expertise in core Cloud infrastructure and associated OCI services is demonstrable, with many customers large and small using Namos to guide them to the right way to adopt OCI.

Whether it is your first move to the Cloud, or you are trying to utilise and improve on your existing investments, Namos can advise, support, and enable you in your transition to Oracle Cloud.

We would love to chat to you about how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and its associated services can help your business grow in a cost predictable manner.

We’ve all read about the security blunders people have made when moving to the Cloud. Our job is to ensure that your cloud is delivered in the most secure way possible.

Oracle provides comprehensive Identity and access management capability within its Cloud.

Our specialist teams of consultants can help you with providing a Healthcheck, ongoing advice and guidance, or a fully managed service which will ensure your cloud security posture is correct and as secure as possible.

Whether you’re running on-premises applications or SaaS services – or a mix of both – you can deliver so much more value to your business by connecting and extending them. Connect your applications to each other and to the cloud, delivering far more intelligence and visibility into your business.

Because there are now so many different integration tools, architectures and techniques available, choosing the right one can be a challenge for any organisation. That’s why many organisations use our Oracle application integration services and rely on our experts to support them in making the best decision.

You can do all this with little disruption too! Oracle offers a wide range of pre-built connectors that smooth the integration path. As a certified Oracle Partner, we can advise you on the right Oracle cloud platform, approach or even a fully managed service to meet your business needs.


Analytics and data science can be costly and difficult, but with the right advice it can be highly cost effective and deliver fantastic ROI.

Namos Oracle Analytics Consultants use Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), which is a cutting-edge cloud-based data warehouse solution. We remove the need for you to have an in-house team of data scientists and analytics experts to help you visualise your business, we accelerate the adoption and delivery of these systems.

We deliver more, execute quickly, and provide real value-based outcomes.

So why do you need a Namos Oracle Analytics Consultant or Data Warehouse specialist?

1. Help Build a Data Driven Culture:
Business change is hard, we know that, we specialise in helping our customers drive solution adoption and business transformation that takes advantage of your investments. We truly understand ROI and how to drive it into your business.

2. Focus on Your Business’ Day-to-Day:
You run your business, we’ll run your analytics. You do what’s important, we give you the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.

3. Time to value:
We can execute quickly, efficiently against your needs. Simplifying and reducing the cost of complex but vital analytics drivers in your business.

4. The Human Element
Namos Oracle Analytics Consultants are what a jockey is to a highly trained race horse. It takes a winning combination to succeed. The right platform is only half of the story, you need the right people to help drive a winning solution.

Change is difficult. Undoing years of investment, and moving to something new, or changing something old always comes with a lot of risk and uncertainty.

Namos take a holistic approach to Oracle application cloud migration, ensuring we can deliver modernisation, and take advantage of the increased performance levels and lower costs of moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We know EBS is still relied on heavily for business-critical functions and workloads by many of our customers. When contemplating modernising, and driving cost efficiency in these applications, it’s crucial that we get it right.

With 25 years of Oracle experience, we have carried out OCI migrations for many customers for their on-premise applications including; E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Hyperion, JD Edwards, and Essbase.

Organisations know that with Namos they are going to get a trusted partner who always puts their interests first. We can offer advice and guidance, or a Healthcheck to help you understand the right way to move your business-critical applications to the cloud.

With Cloud becoming more and more prevalent in day-to-day business, good Cloud security posture has never been more essential.

Whether your organisation includes multiple discrete business units or is a public sector body, modern business practices require a fundamentally different approach to cloud security, especially with regards to user identity and authentication management.

Namos are trusted Oracle Partners and can help you explore options and provide recommendations on user management, segmenting user groups, providing federated services or even just rolling out robust two factor authentication regimes. We generally base our solutions around two Oracle capabilities in IDCS or IAM, depending on whether the solution is infrastructure or user management related.

Oracle Identity Cloud Service offers identity management with single sign-on (SSO) and identity governance for applications on-premise, in the cloud, or for mobile apps. The application can be securely accessed by any user at any time or place.

Implementing Oracle Identity Cloud Service provides a robust platform which enables users to develop and deploy applications in a secure manner, with key benefits such as; enhanced business responsiveness, user productivity, increased access channels, lower cost and simplified IT.

There are many ways you can use the Oracle IDCS, which enables administrators and users to securely create, manage and maintain a cloud-based environment.

With Oracle IDCS you can:

  • Perform Self-Service Capabilities – whereby you can; recover or change a password, modify your profile, establish your primary and password recovery email addresses, activate your deactivated account, unlock your account and access the Apps assigned to you.
  • Manage 2-step Verification.
  • Work with Oracle Mobile Authenticator app.
  • Manage default settings
  • Manage Security Settings.
  • Manage Self-Registration.
  • Profiles – you can create self-registration profiles to manage different sets of users, approval procedures and apps in IDCS.
  • Manage Users, Groups and Applications – you can set up or remove users, groups and applications.

Oracle’s Cloud Applications will generally meet most of your business needs as long as you can standardise, but there may be a few areas where you simply HAVE to differentiate. This is where SaaS Extensions come in.

SaaS Extensions enhance and differentiate your Oracle Cloud applications by giving end users seamless navigation, security and look-and-feel between the standard product and the SaaS extension. Oracle have strict guidance for developing and deploying SaaS Extensions, and Namos have years of experience creating these components to help customers innovate, differentiate, and comply with regulations.

Development times can act as a significant inhibitor for organisations trying to create personalised and connected experiences for customers and staff. That’s where Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) is designed to support you. It helps you innovate with custom mobile apps, chatbots, low-code dev tools, and headless content management. It simplifies the process of modernising the experience you offer your customers, partners and staff.

Oracle PaaS boosts engagement by delivering relevant contextual information as well as real-time, intelligent analytics for smarter business decisions. It supports Oracle and non-Oracle applications, both on-premise and SaaS.

The conventional ways of developing mobile or web apps are too costly and take too long for business needs. This all changes with the Oracle App Dev Platform.

The Oracle App Dev Platform is an integrated, modern, and API-first cloud platform for App Dev. It lets your front-end developers build the most engaging user experiences, while enabling your backend developers to build APIs that easily connect to systems on-prem or in the cloud.

It supports all workloads, applications, languages, open source tools, OS platforms and data types. And its container architecture lets you lift and shift apps with no changes between private, public and hybrid clouds, as well as between the cloud and your on-prem infrastructure. Your dev staff can spin up and tear down development environments in minutes – not days or weeks like they do now. The result? Fast, efficient dev/ops that save you money, make you more productive and reduce your development backlog.

Here’s an overview of the Oracle App Development Platform’s key benefits:

  • Improve time to market and competitive edge with spin up of dev/test environments in minutes.
  • Higher developer productivity with automation for repetitive tasks.
  • Same code base, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Work with modern, cutting-edge technology that enhances your developers’ skills and attracts new talent.
  • Scale up cloud environments to meet changing needs without upfront infrastructure investments.
  • Flexibility to deploy projects to PaaS, multiple cloud providers, IaaS compute shapes, operating.
  • Systems, programming frameworks/languages.
  • Visual tooling and integrated solutions that enable even business users to develop apps.
  • Built-in DevOps capabilities (CI/CD) improve code quality and productivity.

With the Oracle App Dev Platform, development is easy, fast and flexible, allowing for efficient workflows between operations.

As a certified Oracle Partner, we can help you choose the right Oracle App Dev solutions and services for your business needs.

Whether you’re running on-premise applications or SaaS services – or a mix of both – you can deliver so much more value to your business by connecting and extending these technologies.

Oracle Partner

Connect your applications to each other and to the cloud, delivering far more intelligence and visibility into your business.

Extend your apps with innovative new features, such as mobile functionality to boost staff productivity and delight customers with a modern new experience. 

You can do all this with little disruption too! Why? Because Oracle offers a wide range of pre-built connectors that smooth the integration path. As a certified Oracle Partner, we can advise you on the right Oracle cloud platform for your business needs. 

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