Redwood UX

The Road to Redwood

Consumer grade User Experience with built-in AI, Redwood streamlines existing work processes in an intuitive and beautiful suite of applications.

Oracle is enhancing the Cloud Applications user experience by delivering consumer-grade aesthetics and functionality with its new Redwood UX. Oracle has begun the process of releasing new Redwood features throughout its suite of applications, with an initial emphasis on HCM, and it’s up to you to turn it on. 

Namos can help with the challenge of planning the timing of your Redwood roll-outs – based on Oracle’s release schedule and the needs of your business – and will assist with the reapplication of any customisations your users need.

There are deadlines for enabling Redwood functionality – some as soon as May 2024 – so come and talk to our team. We’ll share our experience with Redwood and collaborate with you to craft a pragmatic, well-organised plan where you and your team takes as much or as little of the tasks within as you wish, setting you up for a seamless implementation of the new functionality.

Quarterly Updates – There are several workflows that will now be included in the Redwood UX – Change Assignment, Promote, Change Position, Employment and Transfer. We will be releasing several update blogs that will cover these in a bit more detail – so make sure you take a read.

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Redwood isn’t just aesthetics. The new Redwood themes include updates within them that will not only improve the look and feel but will also increase efficiencies by updating processes. 

What this means is that employee workflows may change and customisations are at risk of being lost, and therefore additional training or information may be required. To avoid disruption, it is essential that these changes are planned for in good time. 

Maximise your Operations - with Redwood

Oracle understands that users are humans and that in the present day, users expect a modern look and feel, coupled with well thought out layouts and seamless processes.

Redwood incorporates AI technologies, which speed up processes by pre-populating fields and generating suggested text. This gives users more directing power over their work and speeds up traditionally slow processes.

As well as Embedded AI, Redwood also radically improves efficiencies as Oracle re-imagines screen layouts and processes. Many actions now require fewer clicks and new automations can now be found in certain modules.

As pages load faster and work is done more efficiently, employee experience is improved and ultimately, your organisation runs better.

Frequently Asked Questions about Redwood

It will depend on the modules you have and how much you have customised certain areas. Different modules have different functionality changes. Some modules like EPM it is simply a matter of switching it on because all that is changing for now is the overall look.

New functionality will come through with each update across 2024 – with Oracle mandating that everyone will be fully on Redwood by the 25B update. The deadlines for some areas of functionality are even sooner however, with Learn, OTL and Journeys having deadlines this year.

It will depend on the modules you have and how much you have customised certain areas.

If you have not enabled the functionality by the deadlines, Oracle will turn on the Redwood UX for you.

No. Redwood is part of your Cloud HCM Applications licensing.

Yes. Customers can opt into portions of Redwood when it makes sense for them.

Lost in the Forest? Let’s Build a Roadmap.

Oracle’s Redwood update presents some of the biggest aesthetic and structural changes ever seen in Oracle applications. This is why it is of paramount importance to get it right and take full advantage of the latest innovations. Talk to Namos. We understand the details about what’s changing, and how it could affect your processes. We will work with you to build a structured Roadmap, that details what you need to change, what secondary and tertiary concepts you need to consider, and specifically what needs to happen to achieve your goals.

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