Business Transformation

Putting people at the forefront of your technology change

People are the most important aspect of any business change, so why look for a systems integrator who only implements technology? 

Implementing a new HR and Finance system is a business transformation. You will need a partner that understands this and can work with you to ensure that the system is utilised and benefits are realised.

Although Oracle is a business transformation enabler, Namos can help you in achieving a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mindset and unlocking the full potential of your HR and Finance systems.

Why You Need eNhance Business Transformation from Namos:

The main reason why technology implementation fails is people adoption. We can help you to invest in your people’s engagement with your technology to ensure that your Oracle HR and Finance solution is successfully adopted.

Changing what you do can be daunting even for the bravest of us. We help you enable your people to take control; making business change less scary and more enjoyable.

Health Assessments

Our independent health assessments enable you to identify the real business issues that you are encountering with your Oracle Cloud solution, inform future planning and offer viable recommendations and solutions.

Our business transformation initiatives have supported our customers to improve their data quality, remove duplication of effort, reduce confusion and improve trust and employee capability in using their Oracle Cloud HR and Finance solutions. We can help to demystify your Oracle Cloud HR and Finance solution to create an enabling business solution that your people will enjoy using whilst you achieve increased return on your investment year after year.


The Namos Business Transformation team can partner with you to provide:


Aligned Business Change approach aligned to leading best practice for SaaS implementations to support your people in understanding, managing and adopting your new Oracle Cloud solution


A tailored Business Transformation approach that will assess how you are currently working, help you identify the vision that you want to achieve through your SaaS solution and partner with you to support you to achieve your transformation vision

HealthChecks - for your Oracle Cloud Investments

HealthChecks are a fantastic method for working out the root causes for non-utilisation of your Oracle Cloud investments. 

We are an Oracle partner and our in-depth HealthChecks analyse and investigate your systems and processes, in order to help you create a clear roadmap to genuine business efficiency.

Business transformation is incrementally creating improvements and value over the long term, so partner with the experts to achieve it!

Our eNhance Business Transformation offering can help you throughout all stages of the project. From considering whether you’re ready for a new SaaS solution and preparing your Oracle Cloud implementation, right the way through to the actual implementation and even after you’ve been using Oracle Cloud for a while.

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