Industry Analysis Ranks Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse #1

Industry Analysis Ranks Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse #1

Nucleus Research are a prestigious technology research and advisory service based in Boston, USA. They conduct industry analysis on a variety of technology subtopics, providing informed insights into some of the world’s leading applications and systems.

A recent report from the organisation, has ranked Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse as a leader and in the highest possible position, when compared to similar systems from the rest of the market.

Significant advancements in recent years have promoted data warehouses to a primary position as one of the most important and core elements of a business. Modern, data warehouses allow for businesses to reliably work with vast quantities of data in a flexible, secure, and accurate manner. Ultimately this results in efficient organisations with maximised decision-making support. Cloud-base data warehouses allow for an incredible level of scalability, backed up with expert reliability.

Nucleus assessed the market and measured performance based on several key areas including;

  • Efficient cluster provisioning and assignment leveraging proprietary Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Fully managed and serverless capabilities.
  • Multi-cloud and multi-region completeness.
  • Service offerings to streamline implementations and mitigate risk.

Assessment of the usability, functionality and customer utilisation of these areas was then carried out. Additional research was conducted in conversations with end users and a helpful visualisation of this research can be seen in an easy-to-read and informative Matrix, produced by Nucleus Research.

Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse has ranked exceptionally highly in this Matrix, positioning itself as an industry leader with fantastic functionality and usability.

One of the key factors that set Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse apart from the competition is it’s effective AI management capabilities. The ‘Autonomous’ element of this system takes away much of the heavy lifting of routine, yet complex tasks of data management. Configuring, Security, Performance Tuning, Patching and Autoscaling are all handled by the system itself, reducing costs, errors, and time.

A complementary benefit, adding synergy to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, is that these autonomous capabilities integrate across Oracle’s vast suite of cloud applications.

And this is only half the story. We recommend reading the report from Nucleus Research, where you can learn, in more detail, about the other differentiating factors that sets Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse above the competition.

Click the link below to explore more fascinating insights about the data warehouse industry, and some of the primary benefits and features of Autonomous Data Warehouse.

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