Future-Proofing the Planet: Namos are on the Road to Net Zero

Future-Proofing the Planet: Namos are on the Road to Net Zero

#TeamNamos is ‘On the Road to Net Zero’. This is an official certification awarded to us by the organisation Net Zero Now. In order to get this recognition, we had to show our abilities to measure our current carbon footprint and detail a strategy to reduce this to net zero by 2030. Once this target is achieved, Namos will be in a position for attaining the second phase of certification, marking our transition to ‘Net Zero’.

The UK government has a target of achieving Net Zero by 2050. Many businesses understand the importance of achieving this standard, and the potential impacts globally of not doing so, however they may lack the necessary know-how and planning to effectively implement a business-wide strategy. Net Zero Now provides the framework and guidance, which turns ambitious plans into real-world results.

As per the United Nations, a business attains Net Zero when it minimises its greenhouse gas emissions to near zero, with any remaining emissions being reabsorbed from the atmosphere by oceans, forests, etc. The registered certification mark ‘On the Road to Net Zero’ acknowledges that a business has measured emissions following global best practices and established ambitious yet realistic objectives.

#TeamNamos have committed to a number of initiatives that will help reduce our carbon footprint, and the engagement we’ve had from across the business is a testament to how seriously we are taking this challenge. These initiatives are being monitored monthly to check up on progress and guarantee success.

We will compile annual data showing our progress and this work will be conducted in accordance with Net Zero Now’s procedures. This is important because you will have the confidence to know that the data is reliable and the processes are recognised by industry standards. Net Zero Now is a programme that has been developed in partnership with leading trade associations including techUK, Tech Nation, BIMA and the Good Business Charter. At the heart of the system is a sector-specific protocol that has been peer reviewed by organisations representing the sector and sustainability, along with climate experts, and is freely available at www.netzeronow.org.

Chris Mason, CEO of Namos Solutions, said “I firmly believe that addressing climate change is not only an ethical imperative but also a business priority. The urgency to combat climate change has never been greater, and we recognise our responsibility to take decisive action. At Namos, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and are ‘On the road to Net Zero’. Our goal is to not only mitigate our own impact on the environment but also inspire and empower our clients and partners to join us in this crucial journey towards a sustainable future.”