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Namos collaborate with trusted partners for the benefit of our customers
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At Namos, we focus on what we do best. We work collaboratively with a broad spectrum of trusted Partners so we can provide our customers with a comprehensive suite of innovative products and services. Allowing them to maximise the benefits of the Oracle system and get the best from their teams.

Why we work with Partners

As an Oracle OPN Modernised partner, we work closely with Oracle to deploy their latest industry-leading innovations. With our cloud applications, specialisations and success in transacting Oracle cloud business, we have demonstrated that we are committed to doing business with Oracle in the Cloud. 

Namos is not only an Oracle Partner, we are an Oracle customer too, having implemented Oracle ERP, HCM, Sales Cloud, Guided Learning, Journeys and Eloqua. Watch our video here.

Namos services and product offerings are available on Oracle Solution Catalog and Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Namos Solutions is an Oracle Partner

Who are our Partners?

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Namos values its partnerships and is always looking to expand our network of partners whose products and services compliment our own services.

We believe that working with like-minded leaders in their field, we can leverage each organisation’s core competencies in order to maximise our delivery capability for our clients.

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