Podcast: In Conversation with Angela Ferguson | The Reinvention of Ninety One

Ninety One is a leading global asset manager dedicated to delivering compelling outcomes for its clients. Established in South Africa in 1991, as Investec Asset Management, the firm started offering domestic investments in an emerging market. In 2020, almost three decades of organic growth later, the firm demerged from Investec Group and became Ninety One. […]

Webinar: Deliver the Ultimate HR Help Desk Experience to your Employees

Webinar: Deliver the Ultimate HR Help Desk Experience to your Employees

Organisations across all industries are rethinking how they operate as more people work from home, and many are experimenting with automated help desk tools and digital assistants to meet new demands, providing workers with quick, consistent access to HR services, processes, and policies, whenever and wherever they may be. Watch the on-demand webinar to discover […]

Webinar: Transforming the Public Sector in The Cloud

Privacy concerns, shrinking budgets and complex regulatory requirements are some of the biggest challenges the Public Sector faces when making the leap to the cloud. Learn how to execute a successful cloud-first strategy that cuts costs, enhances IT agility, and safeguards data without disrupting day-to-day operations. Watch the on-demand webinar to hear some of our […]

Webinar: Migrating from Taleo to Oracle Recruiting

If you are using Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (OTAC), also known as Taleo, you are faced with the decision to make or delay the move from Taleo to Oracle Recruiting. Watch the on-demand webinar to explore how the Oracle Recruiting platform is helping recruiters to completely work more efficiently and really do more with less […]