Namos in Discussion with Wirral Council – The Project

Wirral 5

Wirral Council shared their experience regarding the state of the systems prior to implementing Oracle Fusion, as well as the working conditions they had to contend with in the past. The conversation also emphasized the significance of partners in a collaborative relationship, particularly the value of challenging one another in order to arrive at optimal decisions.

Namos in Discussion with Wirral Council – Challenges Faced

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In this video, we talk with Wirral Council about the different challenges faced before, during and after the project. What were the types of operational problems that Wirral faced before the implementation? What was the most difficult factor during the project? And what kinds of challenges exist now that Go-Live has been achieved?

Namos in Discussion with Wirral Council – Advice for Others

Namos discuss the ERP and EPM project with Wirral Council. In this video we talk about some of the difficulties around implementing such a core project whilst maintaining business-as-usual. We also talk about the time constraints of the project and how this effected everyone involved, and why it was so important to have such a […]

HESA Submission – Meet Jenny

HESA Submission Tool - Jenny

Watch how the Namos HESA Submission Tool has dramatically reduced the time spent on gathering and cleansing data. It automatically validates against HESA quality rules and streamlines the collection process. Gone are the days of manual labour and frustrating errors. Complete submissions more efficiently and with far less stress.

Namos collaborating with Essex Business School

Namos at Essex Business School

Namos teamed up with Essex Business School to provide informative and inspiring lessons for students at the university. The fusion of academia and business experience provided some truly valuable learning opportunities. Supporting, educating, and empowering students to ensure they have real-world practical knowledge for the future.

Namos 10 Year Anniversary

Namos celebrates its 10 year anniversary on 16th July 2022. A timeline of its successes and what its taken to reach this pivotal point in its history.

Namos In Numbers

Namos In Numbers

What makes Namos tick? Is it as big or as small as you think. Watch the video and see the stats behind Namos Solutions.

New Workplace. New Experience.

Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud is a modern, social HCM system that supports all aspects of the HR cycle – from recruitment to training and compensation to analytics. It delivers actionable insight, so you can act fast to intervene in problem areas. And it’s cloud-based – so it’s ready to use quickly, saves you money and doesn’t […]

eNlighten Managed Services

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Namos Solutions are an Oracle consultancy and managed service provider, based in London, who specialise in supporting businesses in the cloud and on-premise. More and more organisations are increasingly turning to our Managed Service support offering, eNlighten to keep their on-premise Oracle applications and Oracle Cloud solutions up and running, providing them with peace of […]