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Ensuring the protection of its Employees – the Civil Nuclear Constabulary implement Case Management


The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (the CNC) are the armed police force responsible for protecting civil nuclear sites and nuclear materials in England and Scotland. They are governed by the Civil Nuclear Police Authority.


The CNC were looking to have a more robust HR case management system – to help them ensure the protection of all their employees. 

Like a lot of organisations, they were carrying out Case Management on spreadsheet – which although they were being held securely – it was a lot of work for the team to ensure a consistent process. Plus, it being a manual process, it was time consuming for the individuals involved in the case and the HR team. 



  • Oracle Case Management


By Implementing Oracle Case Management with Namos Solutions and Quite Laterally, the CNC changed this manual process into one that was partially automated and integrated into the HR system (meaning a single source of truth for employee data), which in turn speeded up the keying in and overall process inordinately. 

Another added advantage was the entire Case Management process from requesting a case, setting it up, through to investigation, solution and then validation and case closure was now all done within their secure HR system, meaning data security was improved, and case identification and process were protected and ensured. 

The CNC were already an Oracle Helpdesk customer – they wanted Case Management to sit within the helpdesk and complement it. So, cases could be requested / raised via a helpdesk ticket and once validated as a case they could easily be converted to a case and progressed securely by a Case Manager, this removes the helpdesk ticket from the helpdesk environment and moves it into the Case Management Environment which has more access restrictions due to the confidential nature of cases.  

By using VBCS Namos were able to customise certain segments of the product for CNC, so it would follow the complex and detailed processes that they had. They also had many custom fields that they required – this number of custom fields was due to the nature of the service they provide and its security levels. 

Namos made sure that the reports that were needed by CNC could be covered by the seeded reports within the system, any further reports needed in the future can be produced inhouse or through their Managed Service.

There were some technical challenges discovered at AWT, because the product is new to Oracle, Namos and the client. These challenges were work through in Partnership with all parties and were resolved quickly – with this learning curve behind the joint team, the application was fully tested, and the rest of the project went smoothly.



The results of the project were so positive for all involved because as a client CNC were clear about what they wanted, what requirements they needed and what the outcome needed to be. They didn’t deviate from the business process, and they didn’t want to compromise anything with the application. This clarity made Namos’ and Quite Laterally’s jobs so much easier.  

By utilising Oracle Helpdesk – which had been implemented by Namos in a previous project – it provided an easy progression to Case Management for the employees of the HR team and wider CNC – because they were skilled in using the Oracle helpdesk for all their requirement, the step to using Case Management alongside it was a less steep learning curve for them.  

The progression was so seamless that several requests were correctly raised in the first few days after Go-Live.