Unlocking the Power of Oracle Compensation: What’s New in Compensation Management

Unlocking the Power of Oracle Compensation: What’s New in Compensation Management

Author: Ritu Garg, Payroll Practice Lead, Namos Solutions

In the ever-evolving world of human resources and compensation management, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses. Oracle Compensation is one such tool that empowers organisations to streamline compensation processes and make informed decisions. In this blog, we will explore the latest features and enhancements in Oracle Compensation, designed to make your compensation management tasks more efficient and effective.

Workforce Compensation Made Easier

Change in Number of Visible Advanced Filters for Managers

In response to customer feedback, Oracle Compensation has relaxed the limit on the number of Advanced Filters available to managers in Workforce Compensation plans. Previously, managers could view up to 50 filters, but now they can access up to 200 Advanced Filters, allowing for more customized and fine-tuned compensation planning.

Change in the Maximum Defaulted Column Width

Oracle Compensation now allows administrators to set the default column width for columns in various task types, such as Performance, Promotions, Compensation, and Detail Only, up to 500 pixels. This enhancement enhances user experience and ensures more readable and accessible data, particularly in critical compensation information display.

Improved Reporting Capabilities

View Multiple Component Info in Manager Allocation Statistics Report

Oracle Compensation now enables users to view allocation statistics for multiple compensation components in the Allocation Statistics manager report. This enhancement allows managers and administrators to gain a more comprehensive view of compensation data for individuals within a compensation cycle. However, it’s important to note that this feature only allows viewing components of the same type, whether monetary or non-monetary, simultaneously.

View Multiple Component Info in Manager Workers Compensated Report

Similar to the Allocation Statistics report, the Workers Compensated manager report now supports the ability to view information about workers who were compensated for multiple components during a plan cycle. Like the previous feature, this enhancement ensures that users can gain a more comprehensive understanding of compensation details, though it is limited to components of the same type.

Calibrating Performance Ratings Made Easier

To streamline the process of indicating that a person’s Performance Management Rating has been calibrated within a Workforce Compensation Plan, Oracle Compensation introduces a new Calibration Status Column. This column simplifies the calibration status tracking process, eliminating the need to create a user-defined column for this purpose.

The Calibration Status Column offers three values: Null, In review, and Complete. When set to “Complete,” further updates to the person’s Performance Ratings in the worksheet are restricted. This feature, found in the Performance section of columns in plan setup, adds convenience for administrators and managers alike.

Enhanced Data Security with Global Models

Administrators can now prevent actions on individuals outside of their data security profile, enhancing overall system security. This enhancement utilises the “Manage Workforce Compensation Global Models” functional privilege and aligns with the data security privilege “Allocate Compensation Person Rate by Compensation Manager.”

By implementing data security in Global Models, Oracle Compensation ensures that individuals only see managers that are within their data security profile when acting as proxies. This feature contributes to a more secure compensation management environment.

External Data Management

Users can now load and manage external data for various person assignment types, including contingent, pending, offer, and nonworker. This enhancement extends the functionality of the External Data page, ADFdi, HDL, and HSDL load types, and the OTBI External Data Subject Area.

Total Compensation Statement Enhancements

The Total Compensation Statement batch process has been improved to include people who became inactive within the statement period. Previously, the batch process selected only active employees, but now it considers all employees with active assignments during the statement period. This change allows businesses to extend their total compensation statement population, providing a more inclusive overview of compensation data.

Oracle’s Redwood Experience

Oracle has reimagined key pages and flows using the Redwood toolkit, bringing an exhilarating and user-friendly experience. Line managers can now utilize the Change Salary page, offering an intuitive and cohesive interface. Users can dive into detailed salary changes on the Redwood Employment Details page, making the process more streamlined and engaging. But that’s not all! Redwood extends its benefits to Personal Contribution, Individual Compensation, Salary Basis, and Salary Range Differentials pages, delivering a consistent and thrilling design. With responsive interactions and high-fidelity visuals, Oracle’s Redwood Experience is taking compensation management to a whole new level of excitement!


In this ever-evolving landscape of HR and compensation management, Oracle Compensation emerges as a game-changer. From enhanced workforce compensation customisation and improved reporting capabilities to streamlined performance calibration and data security, Oracle is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in compensation management. Moreover, with its integration of external data management and the transformative Redwood Experience, Oracle is ensuring that businesses have the tools they need to stay competitive, agile, and responsive in the dynamic world of HR. By embracing these innovations, organisations can unlock the full potential of Oracle Compensation, making compensation management a strategic advantage in attracting and retaining top talent and achieving business objectives.

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