The Road to Redwood

The Road to Redwood

Author: Duncan Davies, HCM Practice Director, Namos Solutions

Well, its 2024 and that means the Redwood UX has finally been fully launched across Oracle’s Cloud Apps. Each quarterly update (24A, B, C, D) will see new processes covered and new functionality taking on the Redwood UX, this is especially pertinent for HCM users. So, if you are on Oracle HCM Cloud you need to start taking notice of what all this means.

Redwood is the way forward for Oracle users and everyone will need to take up the interface – but why should I? what benefits does it give me and my users? and what extra work will it involve? Are probably questions that are running through your mind and meetings.

Why should you care about Redwood?

Well, the least compelling reason is it’s coming whether you want it or not – all new implementations and modules will feature this new UI. Why is this the least compelling – well if you are anything like me – if someone tells me I must do something I spend as much time not doing it as I can – call me stubborn!

But honestly, there are real benefits to this new UI – not least that it is much more user friendly (think Amazon, Netflix) – it will involve fewer clicks to do some of the simple functions, page loads will be quicker, some Journeys will be included and automated, and generative AI will be built in. Absolutely key however, is that all new functionality will be delivered in Redwood, so as Oracle delivers new features, you’re going to need to be using Redwood to take advantage of them. There’s also a new method to customise pages that’s going to make it a lot simpler to tailor the Oracle delivered functionality to your requirements. As a nice extra, when personalising pages, you can view how the page will look on named mobile devices and tablets, to see how the page will appear based on the dimensions of each device.

What do I need to do?

Well long term all applications will have the same Redwood UX – it’s looking like EPM may just be look and feel – so you can just switch it on. It won’t be so quick and simple with ERP and HCM. These will come in stages across each of the Quarterly Updates – with HCM being the initial focus. Some features you will just be able to switch on and communicate to your users – others may take some thought – how will they affect my customisations, workflows, and processes. It may also be possible to retire some of your existing customisations (if the functionality is now included within Redwood).

What’s coming in 24A

There are several workflows that will now be included in the Redwood UX – Change Assignment, Promote, Change Position, Employment and Transfer. We will be releasing several upgrade blogs that will cover these in a bit more detail – so make sure you take a read (Namos Blogs).

So, what should you do?

Well first things first, think Roadmap. What should I do when and what will it affect that you are already using? My suggestion, give Namos a call and we can discuss your roadmap across the next 12 months of new workflows, new processes and a new look and feel. Once you have the roadmap you can decide how you will tackle these changes that works for you, your team, and your business.

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