The motion for debate today is Best of Breed vs Unified Platform

The motion for debate today is Best of Breed vs Unified Platform

Author: Micky Sidhu, HCM Practice Lead

This battle is a akin to such seismic debates as Ali vs Tyson, Batman vs Superman and my particular favourite Godzilla vs King Kong.

In our sales engagements and in delivery we see first hand the benefits and challenges of both.  It’s important to remember that not everyone can buy a tier 1, all singing and dancing unified platform/solution, and that going best of breed can be an acceptable compromise. 

The key word here is compromise; it’s this compromise that can hold customers back from providing truly simplified and standardised processes across their business. 

  • A landscape of multiple cloud solutions will challenge every business to provide holistic real time decision making analytics; analytics that should be available to everyone. 
  • A landscape of best of breed solutions will slow down or prevent the customer from benefiting from modern features and best practises that would have simplified the ways of working, improving quality and increasing productivity.
  • Integrations and interfaces will slow down a customer’s ability to keep up with and take advantage of the latest features and innovations.
  • Customers who have the chosen the best of breed approach are shackled with multiple implementations, upgrades and software issues… and multiple vendors to manage!

So, what was a compromise, now becomes a hurdle to overcome.

As I said earlier, to compromise isn’t a bad thing, but maybe a necessity. What needs to be understood is the cost of not embracing a unified platform and what can be leveraged to prevent this being a blocker to progress. 

So yes, I do have a preference but ultimately our job at Namos Solutions is to get the best out of our customer’s design and choices. 

We help our customers by leveraging our experiences of working on unified platforms and with customers who have benefited from a best of breed approach; we will call out the compromises but also help by guiding our customers around the pitfalls.  Ultimately we help by putting in place a design that can be road-mapped and built upon. 

After all, it’s not as simple as one size fits all. 

This blog was prompted by Steven Birdsall’s blog and thinking about two customer conversations just last week.

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