Talent Management and Learning Cloud

Talent Management and Learning Cloud

Author: Rafael Goncalves, HCM Consultant, Namos Solutions

From November 2023, Oracle is delivering more long-awaited updates, enhancements and many new features in Talent Management and Oracle Learning Cloud.

Oracle continues to increase the availability of more pages and flows in the new Redwood layout to recreate the user browsing experience on several Talent Management and Learning pages. Oracle is also introducing something new in Goals Management – with the Goals Centre, both performance and development goals together will help employees and line managers enhance their performance conversations and grow their careers.

It was very interesting to read through the 23D release notes. There are many features (in fact most) that I would like to mention, however below are my key highlights and most impactful features to look out for:

Career Development

ORACLE GROW: With this new feature, Oracle Grow, a part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform, employees can now view more learning items related to their favourite gigs, jobs, and current role, including:

  • Learning that is relevant to the gigs they’ve identified as a favourite in Opportunity Marketplace,
  • Learning that is popular in their role across the organisation, and
  • Learning that is popular in their peer group comprising their manager and direct reports.

Talent Review

TALENT REVIEW REDWOOD EXPERIENCE: We were very much looking forward to the new Redwood UX version of the Talent Review. Use the Redwood redesigned facilitator’s talent review meetings overview page to easily manage the talent review meetings of your organisation, and plus they can easily identify the current status of meetings and the ratings submission progress through the new colourful progress bars.


Succession Management

REDWOOD EXPERIENCE FOR TALENT POOLS: This is fantastic news – a Redwood UX version of Talent Pools. HR can now take advantage of these Redwood redesigned Talent Pool pages and features and enhance management of the organisation’s talent pools: Talent Pools overview and Talent Pool details.

Profile Management

ALERTS FOR EXPIRED OR EXPIRING LICENSES OR CERTIFICATIONS ITEM IN TALENT PROFILE: This is fantastic news for HR Specialists. This new feature will enable notifications to be sent to managers and employees based on the settings against the expiry date of the licenses and certifications items.

Performance Management

PREVENT UPDATES TO CALIBRATED PERFORMANCE RATINGS IN PERFORMANCE DOCUMENTS: You can now prevent managers from changing their section ratings for employees once the calibration for these using Oracle Workforce Compensation starts.  

If the task is manager evaluation and the status of the calibration for the employee in Workforce Compensation is either In Review or Complete, then the manager will see a message to convey that the section ratings in the performance document are locked. Managers can still adjust comments and item ratings in the performance document to align with the calibrated ratings.

REDWOOD EXPERIENCE FOR PERFORMANCE CHECK-INS: Employees and managers will now be able to take advantage of the Redwood Performance Management Check-In page that has been recreated in the Redwood toolset Visual Builder Studio (VBS) to improve the user experience.

Goal Management

INTRODUCTION TO GOALS CENTRE: A much-awaited feature! Leverage the new Goals Centre and manage both performance and development goals on a single page. Viewing both performance and development goals together will help to enhance performance and grow careers in the organisation with even more precision. Managers can also access the Goals Centre of their team members and easily manage all their goals.

Learning Management

MICROSOFT OUTLOOK CALENDAR INTEGRATION: This is another fantastic feature: automate sending, updating, and removing calendar invitations for the instructor-led offering activities learners and instructors are enrolled in or teaching, using the Microsoft Calendar provider. When enabled, you can automate the following:

  • Send calendar invitations to learners for the instructor-led activities they’re enrolled in,
  • Send calendar invitations to instructors for the activities,
  • Send calendar updates to learner’s and instructor’s calendars as per the activity dates,
  • Remove calendar invitations from learner’s calendars.

SKILLS ADVISOR FOR LEARNING ENHANCEMENTS: To give a holistic view of learning recommendations you can use defined criteria to apply to a set of courses or specialisations to generate skill suggestions for, instead of the entire learning catalog. Do this using a new common capability called Filtered Lists available in Oracle Fusion Cloud applications. You can create one or more filtered lists of courses or specialisations using any of the criteria available.


There are many more enhancements in the latest 23D release for Talent and Learn, 32 in total, however I have highlighted the key changes that will make an impact to Talent Management users. 23D release is another milestones and commitment, highlighting that Oracle is continuously investing in enhancing the application and user experience and there will be more features coming soon!

To learn more about how these updates can enhance your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us.