Talent Management and Learning Cloud – 24A Key Features

Talent Management and Learning Cloud – 24A Key Features

Author: Pooja Golani, HCM Consultant, Namos Solutions

Oracle’s latest 24A release is coming soon, bringing with it a wealth of exciting enhancements throughout the application. Read on to find out what it brings to the Talent Management and Learning functionalities.

Profile Management

Profile Management Redwood Experience

To improve user experience and cohesiveness of the application, Oracle is motivating customers to move towards the Redwood user interface. Two of the major Profile Management user pages are not available to be moved to Redwood – Skills and Qualifications page and the Talent Ratings page.

Enabling Skills and Qualifications page will allow employees and managers to update their Talent profile on the Redwood pages without affecting the backend functionality. Talent Ratings page will enable managers to evaluate their team members on performance, potential, risk of loss and impact of loss, and support additional fields (Descriptive Flex fields) on the Talent Ratings page.

Redwood Feedback Pages and AI Assistance in giving Feedback

We can now enable the Redwood Feedback Pages to enhance the feedback giving and receiving experience for all users. When it comes to giving feedback, users can start typing a summary of feedback they are wishing to give. AI Assistance tool can be enabled to generate detailed feedback based on the initial feedback entered.

AI Assistance in Job and Model Profile Creation

Job and Position profile descriptions support employees in choosing the right career path in an organisation. Therefore, it becomes pivotal for the profile definitions to be as descriptive as possible. The new AI Assistance feature will help HR Admins to generate profile description, job description and qualifications based on the Job/Position profile’s name.

Goals Management

AI Assistance in Goal creation

Leverage the power of Oracle AI to create effective and relevant performance and development goals. To use this feature, users type a clear goal name and then click the Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assist button. The application automatically generates the goal details based on the goal name you entered.

Goals Redwood Experience

Several Goal Management pages and flows are now available in the Redwood version. By performing minimal configuration, the following pages/flows will be available to use in the Redwood user interface:

  • Team Goals Center – Managers can use the ‘Team Goal Center’ quick action to view a snapshot and statistics of their team’s performance and development goals.
  • Managing Cancelled Performance Goals – Use the new ‘Undo Cancellation’ action to revoke the cancellation of goals that you cancelled by mistake and make them active again. Also, copy a cancelled goal to create a new goal.

Apart from the top features above, the Redwood pages/flows are also available for setting Target Outcomes against goals, defining and publishing organisation goals, goal sharing and submitting goals for approvals.

Performance Management

Consolidated notification for check-in updates

This is indeed a much-awaited feature. Users will no longer received n number of notifications for check-in updates. With the Redwood pages being enabled, consolidated notifications will be sent when there are updates to a check-in (worker/manager/HR adds a discussion topic, updates the name of a general discussion topic, deletes a discussion topic, or adds or updates a note).

Performance Management Redwood Experience

Several Performance Management pages and features are available for the Redwood move in 24A. Below are the top picks:

  • Performance Document Participant Feedback – Send Requests and View received participant feedback in performance documents.
  • Employee and Manager Performance Page – Simplistic tab view for Check-ins and Performance documents with easy navigation to add a new Check-in and Anytime Document
  • Performance Document Enhancements – Submit and view approval details in Performance Document. Easy print options available.
  • Enhanced Check-ins – The redwood pages allow HR to view and update check-ins, view multiple notes against a discussion topic.

Succession Management

Succession Management Redwood Experience

A major highlight in the Succession Management area will be assisting HR Administrators in choosing the right successors while creating a Succession Plan. 24A will facilitate this by using the power of AI and displaying ‘Suggested Successors’ along with a Suggestion strength bar against each suggested successor. By using the AI Suggested Successors feature, organisations can identify suitable successors and enhance their succession planning.


Redwood Experience – Application Tasks for Redwood Learning Pages in HCM Journeys

Journey links that Redwood Learning customers were missing out on are going to be launched in 24A. We can now assign learning tasks by building HCM journey checklists that include an application task for Redwood self-service learning pages.

Journey tasks available for Learners:

  • Request Noncatalog Learning
  • Record External Learning

Journey tasks available for Learner Manager:

  • Assign Learning to My Team
  • Request Noncatalog Learning for My Team
  • Record External Learning for My Team

Redwood Experience – Enrollment Details Page Enhancements

With every quarterly upgrade, the Redwood user interface is certainly making the learner experience better and better. With this new feature, learners now have a way to categorise their learning as ‘Not Started’, ‘In Progress’, ‘Completed’ and ‘All’.

We can now automate learning recommendations to learners based on the learning that’s popular with their managers and peers. Generate up to 20 recommendations per active learner work assignment, on a weekly basis. These recommendations appear on the learner’s Redwood Me > Learning, Browse Learning page, in the ‘Popular with manager and peers’ category. The learning completed by the most people appears first. 

Learner Experience – Skills I’m developing Learning Recommendations

This upcoming feature truly highlights the strength of an integrated system. For the customers who are using the Skills Center in the Talent area, Learning Cloud can now automatically recommend Courses based on the skills employees are currently developing and working towards.

Administrator Experience – View Instructor Availability when creating activities

Last highlight for Learning 24A but not the least – With this new feature, learning administrators can easily check the instructor’s availability when adding an Instructor against an Instructor-Led activity. This enhancement reduces learning administration efforts by ensuring you add only available instructors from the start.


The Talent and Learn 24A release certainly indicates that Oracle are bringing in some much-needed features for both better functionality and user experience. With the AI Assistance features, the users will save time and have the flexibility to amend the AI generated content. In addition, the improvements and new pages released in the Redwood User Interface, will bring in application cohesiveness and motivate customers to move towards Redwood.

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