Talent Acquisition: Oracle Recruiting

Talent Acquisition: Oracle Recruiting

The war on Talent remains a constant battle in the world of Recruitment and Talent Acquisition with the recruiters and resourcing teams the toughest challenges to attract and retain top talent in a generation. Attracting, hiring and onboarding the best talent swiftly requires time, energy, and resources. As a result, some organisations are leveraging cloud technology to make recruiting more efficient whilst placing the candidate experience at the centre of the journey.

Oracle Recruiting is a native part of the Oracle HCM Suite which removes any double keying between a candidate ATS system and Core HR giving confidence in data quality with a seamless transfer of information between the two modules in cloud accelerating the hiring experience and connecting hiring and onboarding in one joined up journey.

What is Oracle Recruiting?

Oracle Recruiting is a native Cloud solution for sourcing, recruiting, onboarding and engaging internal and external candidates. It is the ideal alternative for organisations that are already using Oracle HCM Suite and are wanting to have all their systems under one roof. What’s more, it can cater to the ever more sophisticated demands of job applicants and HR teams to offer smooth and user-friendly candidate and recruiter experiences.


Is Migrating to Oracle Recruiting the Right Move for You?

One reason to consider migrating from another candidate ATS to Oracle Recruiting is the ability to bring talent acquisition ‘in-house’ – within the single platform of Oracle HCM. There are no cumbersome integration configurations and routine maintenance tasks. The latest data can be accessed and leveraged immediately across the HR spectrum.

Oracle Recruiting leverages candidate pools, campaigns and CRM to provide robust sourcing; empowering recruiters with top recommendations using AI matching to make the best data-driven recruiting decisions (with the removal of human biases).

With Oracle Recruiting, organisations now have the ability to have all available HR data housed within one reporting tool. No need to export information to a data warehouse or other cloud solutions. Reports can seamlessly include data across different functional HR areas.

Oracle HCM Cloud enables employees to have one location for all HR-related self-service activities. Employees can search for open jobs and review a job offer on the same platform. When it comes to identifying high-quality new hires, managers can use the self-service interface to drive adoption, satisfaction, and enhance decision-making.

Oracle Journeys, a part of Oracle HCM Cloud, offers organisations an opportunity to provide a meaningful and enriching experience to the new hire. Effective onboarding covers a comprehensive set of features from pre-boarding to onboarding, offboarding, and employee lifecycle guidance-based task management. This can improve pre-hire and post-hire interactions.

Key Benefits of Oracle Recruiting

  • With Recruitment Booster added to the system recruiters can have 2 way communications with candidates within Oracle Recruiting, reducing or removing the need for a separate email inbox to be maintained.
  • Uses the same security and role privileges already in place for Oracle HCM
  • Leverages Oracle HCM values, the transition does not require a rebuild of HCM values and fields
  • Internal candidates benefit from an accelerated application process (personal information is already captured in Oracle HCM and Skills and Qualification pages)
  • Referral capabilities, utilises the power of internal employees to refer potential talent and hiring opportunities
  • Templates that allow career sites to be configured and updated on a regular basis to keep candidates connected to your brand
  • Provides a frictionless and easy candidate experience
  • Target CRM campaigns to candidate talent pools
  • Leverages your employees’ and passive candidate networks
  • Leverages a comprehensive recruiting solution that seamlessly connects with solutions like learning for onboarding
  • Get collaborative hiring support with embedded interview management, and dynamic offer letter generation. Bulk offers can also deal with large scale recruiting needs with ease

The 360° HCM Suite Experience

Leveraging the power of Oracle HCM, Oracle Recruiting is accompanied by a host of features that are not present in Taleo or other ATS systems. They include delivering deeper insights and easy access to information regarding the hiring status at all stages of employment.

Oracle Recruiting is unified with Oracle Cloud HCM, enabling the internal mobility, better talent visibility, new insights, and seamless experience customers receive–free from integration.

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