Substitute Performance Document Evaluators in All-in-One Evaluations

Substitute Performance Document Evaluators in All-in-One Evaluations

Author: Rafael Goncalves, HCM Consultant, Namos Solutions

In this blog, I am going to explain everything you need to know about this new feature Called “All in One Evaluation” and have also selected some popular Q&A’s from Oracle Customer Connect to spotlight.

Oracle’s come up with something that will help your Line Manager Performance Evaluation ten times faster. Oracle’s launched Substitute Performance Document Evaluators in All-in-One Evaluations, and here is how it’s going to help.

What is Substitute Performance document evaluators?

Substitute Performance document evaluators can complete multiple manager evaluations on behalf of managers using All-in-One Evaluations, Managers can perform these actions during the manager evaluation task on the same page.

What’s the benefits of using this new feature?

We understand how difficult it can be for a Line Manager with over 10 direct reports to rate and add comments to all Performance Evaluation sections one by one, and submit the evaluation one at a time, which is why Oracle’s come up All-in-One Evaluations template, letting the Line Manager see their entire team in a single view and evaluate them against expected criteria or standards, providing a proficiency level or performance rating for employees’ competencies.

All-In-One Evaluations quick illustration:

Streamlining and supporting equitable performance management

  • High impact for healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality and other industries
  • Single page to view and comparatively evaluate team on consistent criteria standards
  • Streamline and improve efficiency for managers during annual or period review cycles

I have selected the most asked questions on Oracle community:

Do we have to turn this on?

A new privilege controls access to All-in-One Evaluations. This is assigned to our seeded manager role but if you have custom roles you will need to add it to use the feature.

Does template configuration drive what columns appear in the page? For example, if we do not enable comments by item for a section, will the comments column still appear?

Yes, the page will only display columns configured for that performance document – so if ratings or comments are not enabled, they will not display.

Can we also have matrix managers use All-in-One Evaluations?

No, the page only supports the performance document manager completing the manager evaluation task.

Can we see participant feedback?

Participant ratings do not display in All-in-One Evaluations, you can navigate directly to the performance documents to view that information.

What happens if the manager submits, and we have a next level approver? Does this show in the status column?

Currently All-in-One Evaluations is only to facilitate the actual manager evaluation. If there is an approval following the manager evaluation that needs to be submitted and managed using the existing UI. Approvals will still be automatically submitted if the performance document is configured for this.

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