Oracle Talent & Learn – what can we expect in 23B?

Oracle Talent & Learn – what can we expect in 23B?

Author: Raf Goncalves, HCM Consultant, Namos Solutions

From May 2023, Oracle are delivering more long-awaited updates, enhancements and many new features in the Talent Management and Learning space, which will benefit HR Specialists, employees and managers. 

In recent upgrades, Oracle introduced the Redwood pages to recreate the user browsing experience on several Talent Management and Learning self-service pages. The 23B upgrade brings more redwood pages and advanced features on existing Redwood pages. Oracle have also expanded the Redwood scope across HR Specialist setup pages. By using the new Talent setup pages, HR Specialists can take advantage of browsing cohesiveness across the application. 

It was very interesting to read through the 23B release notes. There are many features (in fact most) that I would like to mention, however below are my key highlights and most impactful features to look out for: 


Explore Careers using Oracle Search: With this new Explore Careers search, your employees will gain the advantage of searching for suggestions and relevant terms for Jobs in their career path. The Jobs can now be searched based on the job profile name, job description, responsibilities and qualifications. 


Redwood Experience for Profile Management: Profile Management HR Specialist pages and flows can now be enabled to have the new intuitive Redwood face. Profile options are available to enable the Redwood version for Profile Types, Item Catalogs, Profile Rating Models, Profile Content Section Access and Talent Ratings pages. 


Redwood Expereince for Performance Management Setup: Like Profile Management, Performance Management setup pages can also be enabled to have the new Redwood face. HR Specialist can benefit from the Redwood version of Performance Document Types, Performance Roles, Feedback Templates and Check-In Templates pages. 


View Further Goal Info in Completed Performance Documents: To give a holistic view of performance goal details in performance documents, employees will now be able to view Goal Measurements, Tasks, Alignment details, Goal sharing details, Notes and Requested feedback in a completed performance document. 

Ability to Delete Nonzero Weighted Goals: Much awaited feature! Employees can now delete goals which have a weight associated with them instead of the previous scenario where they first had to set the goal weight to 0 and then be able to delete the goal. 


Facilitator View Access to Potential Assessments: The facilitators now can view the potential assessment ratings saved or submitted by reviewers. They can do this if the potential assessment is enabled for the Talent Review meeting. Facilitators can also select the View Potential Assessment action from the table view of the dashboard. 



Redwood Browse Learning for Learners: With this new Browse page, learners now have an enhanced experience when they’re browsing the learning catalog to see what learning they might be interested in, for instance, the five most recently featured items, the five most recently recommended learning, the five most recently featured items in the category. 

Popular with my Job Learning Recommender: Stepping into the world of AI to drive learning engagement with minimal manual intervention – With this new page, we will be able to automate learning recommendations for employees based on their current and historic learning. 


Redwood Browse for Manager: This new page simplifies your ability to track your team’s overall learning, by learner and learning item. For instance, searching for a particular learner will quickly refine the summary results using the available filters, View summary information by learner, such as how many enrolments they have. 


Redwood Browse Learning for Specialists: The Redwood Learning Assignments page gives learning administrators a new way to search for learning enrolments. They can use it in addition to the existing learners search page and now filter/sort data using an Enrolment Status, Enrolment Type, Completion Date and Expiration Date. 

Automate Withdrawal of Learners with Terminated Employment: The most frequently requested functionality is finally here – We can now automate the removal of incomplete learning assignments, recommendations, and learning item access for employees whose employment was terminated.  

There are many more enhancements in the latest 23B release for Talent and Learn, 20 in total, however I have highlighted here the key changes that I think will make an impact to Talent Management users. 23B release is a one of the milestones highlighting that Oracle is continuously investing in enhancing the application’s user experience and there will be more features coming soon! To learn more I recommend you take a look at the release notes for the full detail of what is within 23B, how you will benefit from them and how they will apply to your processes, or alternatively why not get in contact with Namos via and we will be happy to talk through the release with you and help you with set up.