Oracle 24B – Recruiting and Recruiting Booster

Oracle 24B – Recruiting and Recruiting Booster

Author:  Matthew Hancock, HCM Consultant at Namos Solutions

Spring has definitely sprung, with the days getting warmer, the grass greener and the trees blossoming. What also continues to blossom is Oracle Recruiting and Recruiting Booster in the latest quarterly release for 24B.

By far the biggest announcement is the introduction of the Redwood Experience in a selection of the Hiring pages, but Oracle also continue to invest in the existing features in Recruiting and Recruiting Booster. Check out my key highlights below. I hope you are excited as I am.

Redwood Experience For Candidate Pools.

The candidate pool details page used for viewing and editing candidate pools has been recreated for Redwood.

Redwood Experience For Candidate Pools

In addition to the new page, users can create candidate pools which are automatically populated based on rules. Previously, Recruiters and Hiring Managers could create pools using Talent Community preferences, however using the new rule-based pools, they can define conditions using Location and Tags (for customers using Recruiting Labels).  The use of Labels was already something we’ve found customers were finding beneficial, and this link between Labels and Candidate Pools takes it that step further.

Pool Info

Redwood Experience For Job Requisitions

The job requisition details page used for viewing and editing job requisitions has also been recreated for Redwood.

The new Redwood job requisition details page will greatly improve the user experience, with the functional enhancements made to the tabs and sections helping users save time by easily accessing the information by having more on one page and not having the need to navigate elsewhere.

Redwood Experience For Job Requisitions

Redwood Experience For Recruiting List Pages

To build on the new features mentioned above, the Redwood job requisitions, job offers, candidate pools, campaigns, and events list pages have been recreated for the new UI. When the Redwood profile option is enabled, users will see a new landing page via Hiring which provides access to the Redwood list pages.

The landing page also provides direct access to the Recruiting Activity Center, rather than having to be accessed from the quick action.

Redwood Experience For Recruiting List Pages

Redwood Experience For Scheduling Interviews In Employee Self-Service Flow

The employee self-service flow in Opportunity Marketplace for scheduling interviews has also had a makeover and recreated for Redwood, allowing Employees to schedule, view, cancel and reschedule interviews in this new page providing a much-improved user experience. 

Redwood Experience For Scheduling Interviews In Employee Self-Service Flow

Oracle Recruiting

Generative AI: Paragraph Element Content

24B introduces a new area in the career site builder for paragraphs called AI Assistant.

Those users who manage the career site content can enter a topic, number of words and either a prompt, a summary or even paste text. When they click Generate, Generative AI creates additional text in the career site paragraph element.

This feature lets you quickly create paragraphs of text for your career site pages saving time and effort.

Generative AI Paragraph Element Content

New Action To Add And Remove Candidate Labels

A fantastic enhancement following the introduction of Candidate Labels in 22A.  Administrators can now automatically assign labels to candidates or remove them by using the new Add or Remove Candidate Labels action while configuring candidate selection processes.

New Action To Add And Remove Candidate Labels

When the candidate reaches the selected phase or state, the label is automatically assigned to, or removed from the candidate.

This feature decreases the level of manual intervention for Recruiters and Hiring Managers to update candidate profiles and I have no doubt will be welcomed.

Recruiting Activity Center Enhancements

Oracle continue to expand the capabilities of RAC with two new enhancements. The first is the ability to set a priority on activity items to ensure Recruiters and Hiring Managers can easily view and take action on the most important items. Each item is tagged as High, Medium, or Low priority. In previous releases, only high priority was available.

Recruiting Activity Center Enhancements

The second feature is the ability to preview job offer details. When users with the appropriate privileges click on a job offer activity, a panel drawer opens and they can view the job offer information without having to navigate to the actual Job Offer. They can also review job offer details more quickly and process the job offer.

Recruiting Activity Center Enhancements B

Recruiting Booster

Scheduling Of Event Posting And Unposting

Event owners can schedule event postings, and unpostings with a new option in the Posting Schedule drop-down list called Post Later.

Scheduling Of Event Posting And Unposting

There’s a new scheduled process that needs to be run called Publish Recruiting Events, which publishes or unpublishes the events that are scheduled with a start date set for on or before the current time. This enhancement introduces efficiencies in line with how Job Requisition postings work and also enhances the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Answer Employee Questions Using The Internal Candidate Experience V2 Skill

Employees can now get more information about a job requisition by asking questions using the Recruiting Assistant, such as the location of the job, skills and qualifications required, which increases their chances of applying for the job.

When employees search for jobs, they can see the Questions button on the job card, enabling them to start asking more information about the job.

With this feature, employees can quickly get information about the job they’re interested in, make informed decisions and then apply for the job.


In summary,  24B is the start of Oracle releasing the Redwood Pages for Hiring Managers and Recruiters with more features to come during CY 24/25.  However, as you can see the focus is not just primarily on Redwood, with Oracle continuing to invest in the product,  and I have only just scratched the surface.  To learn more about what else is being delivered in 24B do check out the ‘What’s New’ for the full details.  If you want to know more on how Namos Solutions can help you implement or support your existing Oracle Recruiting implementation, then please do get in touch.