My Apprenticeship Journey

My Apprenticeship Journey

Author: Chaimaa Acharoui, Marketing Assistant, Namos Solutions

After completing my A levels, the stress levels started to sky-rocket when considering my career options! Instead of leaping straight into a 3-year degree, I took a year out to learn more about apprenticeships and why they have become incredibly popular and beneficial in today’s competitive market. 

My Placement at Namos 

While exploring apprenticeship opportunities, I came across digital marketing and immediately grew interested in all aspects of the role. What helped me decide on an apprenticeship programme is finding out more about myself, my strongest qualities, and what skills I wanted to develop; for me, anything that involved showcasing my creativity and improving my analytical-thinking is what I wished to pursue.

After endless apprenticeship applications and interviews, in March 2020, I was fortunate enough to kickstart my marketing apprenticeship with Namos, an award-winning, certified Oracle OPN Modernised Partner. The apprenticeship programme was structured in a way that allowed me to combine theory and practice as one, which helped me remain engaged and stimulated at all times. At Namos, I’ve grown my knowledge in a wealth of areas, working beside an innovative, friendly and supportive team. In the first few months, I’ve spent my time completing training and learning new software systems used within marketing, such as Google Analytics, to track website traffic, Content Management Systems for scheduling social posts, and the Adobe Suite for graphic design and video production.

Now 11 months into my programme, I can see how far I’ve come. I’ve had the opportunity to be part of different projects and campaigns, which has allowed me to challenge myself and adopt an analytical approach to problems. I particularly enjoy executing the visual aspect of a campaign and coming up with designs that communicate and connect with a target audience. 

My time as an apprentice has definitely been both personally and professionally beneficial – I am excited to see what the future holds and believe that I’ve made the right decision in choosing an apprenticeship. 

What is an Apprenticeship?  

Apprenticeship programmes are designed to combine theocratical knowledge with practical training that prepares individuals for a particular industry and job role – enabling apprentices to improve their knowledge, behaviour and skills in the working environment.  

The programmes usually take up to one to four years to complete depending on the entry-level. 

Listed below are the four levels of apprenticeships available in England: 

  • Intermediate apprenticeships – Level 2 
  • Advanced apprenticeships – Level 3 
  • Higher apprenticeships – Level 4 
  • Degree apprenticeships – Levels 5 – 7 

Why Choose an Apprenticeship? 

For those who are motivated to get started in the job market whilst gaining accredited qualifications, these are seven reasons why I think apprenticeship programmes are fantastic:  

  • You gain relevant, real-life experience  
  • You earn a salary whilst learning 
  • You gain accredited qualifications 
  • You strengthen your CV 
  • You are highly employable  
  • You gain exposure to the working environment 
  • You get to work alongside professionals that are experts within their fields  

For anyone excited about learning and gaining real-life experience, I strongly encourage them to apply for an apprenticeship. My advice would be to find an area you enjoy and would like to develop – don’t think you have to be perfect to apply, just go for it!  

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