How can Oracle Journeys Enhance the Employee Experience?

How can Oracle Journeys Enhance the Employee Experience?

Author: Eva Elks Herrmannsen, HCM Consultant, Namos Solutions

Organisations have already begun investing resources and focusing attention to improve the employee experience; this distinct and positive change has been accelerated by the change in working practices and remote working/onboarding of employees during the pandemic. People and the pressures on them are continually changing and thus technology and HR need to be better attuned with what employees want and need at work. With the emergence of hybrid working models, innovative technology is essential to connect with remote workforces but also, more significantly, to support them. The pandemic has augmented employees’ needs for safety protocols, wellbeing support, feelings of purpose in the work place and a sense belonging to an organisation.

This year, Oracle introduced the new workflow tool ‘Journeys’ to the Human Capital Management suite which is already transforming the employee experience. Oracle Journeys is a central hub for all the information that an employee may need over their work lifecycle. The platform also allows HR teams and managers to build personalised journeys for all their employees.

There are three key elements to Oracle’s Journeys; LaunchPad, Creator and Booster.

The LaunchPad is a single location and starting point for employees to access Journeys, those that have been recommended, assigned or perhaps even triggered by events in an employee’s personal and professional life. From this self-service area, employees also have the option to explore Journeys and take ownership over their own learning and development. Critically, the Journeys platform has been designed to enrich the user experience by making it more visually engaging and interactive compared to checklists.

Bypassing the necessity for IT support, Journeys Creator allows HR and Line Managers to create personalised Journeys for employees – either by creating new tasks or selecting from the library of Journeys. Importantly, the Journeys platform is highly configurable – organisations are unique and so are their employees and Journeys certainly allow for this. 

Journeys Booster allows improved integrations with third party and external software, including links to HR Help Desk and background checks. Whilst providing the same user experience, employees can safely compete tasks outside of the Oracle platform.

Organisations tend to place importance on onboarding and offboarding but often overlook the journey of an employee whilst they are at a company. Oracle Journeys is linked to other areas of the Cloud, such as Career and Performance, giving businesses the opportunity to develop tailored Journeys that promote career progression and learning for specific roles. Utilising tools that promote learning and development are key to improving the experience and retention of employees.

What does the future of Oracle Journeys look like?
In Oracle’s Roadmap they have discussed introducing contextual Journeys which enables employees to interact with Journeys based on how they completed tasks in a Journey. Journeys are not isolated incidents and tasks or answers from previous Journeys could be used to trigger future Journeys or additional tasks within a Journey. For example, if an employee was feeling stressed and this was deduced from information they provided on one Journey, this could trigger the recommendation of a wellbeing Journey which may look at promoting working from home best practices and/or mental health support.

Overall, Oracle Journeys is a key milestone in the current shift towards enriching the employee experience. The tool allows organisations to meet the needs of their employees wherever they are whilst providing a personalised service. Importantly, Journeys is driving the digitisation of HR and the use of employee-centric tools.  The future of the employee experience certainly looks promising.  

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