Guided Learning: A Game Changer in Online Learning!

Guided Learning: A Game Changer in Online Learning!

Author: HCM Practice Lead, Namos Solutions

How many times do you go to complete your expenses or even that month end process, that you only do once a month, to realise you’ve forgotten part of the process.

Not an ideal situation especially as you know it’s going to happen every time – because there is just only so much you can remember or retain. This frustration can also lead to the ‘the system doesn’t work’ situation we hear all the time.

Over the last few months we have been working with a client on their HCM implementation and we installed Oracle Guided Learning for them – never heard of it I hear you say. It seems to be a well ‘ish’ kept secret, but it shouldn’t be.

✔ Improved Delivery of Training   

✔ Improved Adoption                      

✔ Training Delivered Quicker         

✔ Updated Training Guides            

✔ Continuous Benefits                    

✔ Modern user experience             

I have to say I was an instant convert – Guided Learning allows you to train in the flow of your work. Remember that monthly expense claim or even worse the annual Goal setting process – well Guided Learning will take you through the process a step at a time as you complete it – no swapping between screens, no watching a training video to instantly forget it as soon as its finished. It can even pick up halfway through a process – so do the parts you remember and then start the training at the point you forget!

What’s good too is each person only sees help for the processes associated with their role – not everyone’s – so you see a clear list or get the right process when searching rather than seeing a really long list and having to dig around and find the right one for you and your role.

The client has said and other Oracle customers corroborate this – that it is helping people to not only complete the process without help (other than guided learning, of course), but most importantly people are getting it right the first time, and also it is saving everyone time – so it is helping with productivity.

The time aspect I can believe – not sure how much time I’ve wasted in the past swearing – trying to find notes I wrote in training three years previously – asking multiple people, to find out at least I’m not a community of one because they don’t know either, and then badgering my line manager to help – which means they have to drop what they are doing too. When it comes to managers the time saving must be multiplied because imagine how many versions of me they have!

So I know this reads like a sales pitch for Oracle Guided Learning – and in a way it is – but I’m not ashamed of that because actually it’s rare in my line of business that I come across something that impresses me and I think ‘wow’ that is a delivery game-changer – well done Oracle.

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