5 reasons to select a Partner with Oracle Expertise

5 reasons to select a Partner with Oracle Expertise

Author: Duncan Davies, HCM Practice Director, Namos Solutions

Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Expertises are a barometer of an implementation partner’s track record of delivery and knowledge on a set of modules. Here’s why they’re important:

(1)       Delivery Track Record

To achieve each Expertise a partner needs to have successfully implemented those modules for at least two clients, and each customer needs to rate the implementation 8 out of 10 or higher. This high bar prevents the Expertises being achieved by partners who either do not have implementation experience, or by partners whose projects are rated poorly by their customers.

(2)       Breadth of Knowledge

To achieve each Expertise a partner also needs to have consultants who’ve passed the required number of certification exams. This is also a high bar as each Expertise requires passes in every module that’s part of that Expertise set. As an example, the Talent Management Expertise requires passes in all of Global HR, Talent Management, Recruiting, Learning and Compensation, plus Architect, Project Management and Support.

(3)       Strength of the Team

A partner cannot gain an expertise by hiring a superstar who has passed all the exams, as at least two passes are needed of each exam. By holding an OPN Expertise a partner is showing they have a good pool of talent in their team.

(4)       Cutting Edge Skills

The certifications expire every 18 months and need to be renewed on the latest versions, and if a partner doesn’t maintain the required exams the expertise will lapse. Therefore you know that a partner holding active OPN Expertises is staying current with the latest Oracle functionality.

(5)       Focused Specialism

The OPN Expertises are segmented into product areas, so – for example – if you’re looking to implement payroll and a partner only has the Human Resources (Core) expertise, then you could query their payroll track record and knowledge. This enables you to select a partner with the history of successful delivery and consultant knowledge you need for the areas you’re looking to deploy.

Namos Solutions proudly holds all four of the OPN Expertise for HCM in Western Europe. This means that whatever combination of modules you’re looking to implement, we have the happy customers and knowledgeable consultants to help you achieve the successful outcomes you’re seeking.

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