Empowering Enterprises: Oracle’s Expansion of Generative AI Capabilities in Fusion Cloud Applications

Empowering Enterprises: Oracle’s Expansion of Generative AI Capabilities in Fusion Cloud Applications

Author: Esha Pandey, O2C Practice Lead at Namos Solutions

In a world where data reigns supreme, harnessing its power efficiently has become a top priority for businesses across all sectors. Recognising this imperative, Oracle Corporation has embarked on a groundbreaking journey, expanding the scope of generative artificial intelligence within its Fusion Cloud applications suite. This strategic move aims to revolutionise various facets of enterprise operations, including resource planning, human capital management, supply chain logistics, and customer experience enhancement.

Oracle’s commitment to versatility is evident in its support for over 50 Generative AI use cases within Fusion applications.

Driving Efficiency in Supply Chain Management

The Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing applications witness a paradigm shift with the introduction of generative capabilities. Product specialists can now effortlessly generate standardised product descriptions enriched with targeted keywords, optimising visibility on search engines. Procurement professionals, on the other hand, leverage AI-powered supplier recommendations to streamline supply chain operations, thereby reducing costs and mitigating risks. Additionally, the ability to craft customised cover page summaries for negotiations adds a layer of sophistication to procurement processes.

A Glimpse into the New 24B Release

The new 24B Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement Release talks about leveraging Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to author the cover page text for supplier negotiation. The users enter the key details like the title, synopsis, item categories, and significant dates, and then use the AI Assist to generate the cover page text. AI will use the information from the draft negotiation and suggest content to include.
The last step in the process would allow the users to review the suggestion, edit and accept it. The users also have the option to regenerate and explore different contents and formats until they find the one that fits business needs.


Oracle’s significant investment in Generative AI reaffirms its steadfast dedication to equipping businesses with cutting-edge technologies. Namos Solutions, recognised as an esteemed Oracle OPN Modernised Partner, excels in deploying and maintaining ERP, EPM, and HCM solutions, whether Cloud-based or on-premises. Our team at Namos Solution stands ready to assist in realising your organisational aspirations and objectives by seamlessly incorporating AI-generated insights into essential business operations.