Chapter One: Life as an Oracle FreshTalent Trainee

Chapter One: Life as an Oracle FreshTalent Trainee

Author: George Phillips, Trainee Sales Consultant, Namos Solutions

In November 2020, I successfully re-located from Australia to London, navigating the extra problems and processes that were necessary products of the Covid-19 pandemic. I arrived in London with a disassembled bike and a keen desire to take my first steps toward a career in tech within a client facing role. An interest that has outlived my childhood, becoming part of who I am – Technology Innovation – underlined my aspiration to work in Tech. After a well-organised, virtual interview process I felt excited and fortunate to have secured a position within the Business Development team at Namos Solutions before the end of 2020.

With over 45% of people in the UK working from home by mid-2020 (Coronavirus and homeworking in the UK: April 2020), on-demand and high-availability services are in higher demand than ever. Businesses are looking to boost productivity, reduce costs and support the ever-changing dynamic nature of ‘the office’ by harnessing innovative technology and moving services to the Cloud (Trend Report: Why Businesses are Moving to the Cloud, 2015).

It’s an exciting time to have joined a well-respected Oracle partner. Namos uses Oracle Cloud for its internal systems, the handy checklists coupled with a supportive HR team made the virtual onboarding a smooth affair. It is odd to have started virtually and not met my colleagues face-to-face. The restricted ability to spontaneously discuss ideas and concepts feels a little frustrating at times, especially being new to the field. There is a plethora of information online regarding how to work from home effectively. I particularly like a list the NHS has put together: 7 simple tips to tackle working from home.

I have found that what works for me is a good daily routine and regular exercise. I’m a keen cyclist and have recently rekindled my relationship with running. The bi-weekly virtual-pub also helps!

As part of my first four months, I’m taking part in the Oracle Tech Fresh Talent course. The key objectives of the course are as follows:

Build Talent and Cloud Skill set and grow the Oracle Cloud Expert Community
• Train Partner consultants on Oracle Cloud Platform
• Provide an insight into the benefits for businesses moving to Oracle Cloud
• Learn how to build a service/solution supported by Oracle Specialists

The course is led by Oracle’s Senior Manager & Cloud Centres of Excellence Leader in the Nordics, Anne Hornborg-Franck. Anne’s enthusiasm is electric with a genuine interest to see all students prosper. I’ve found this to be very encouraging whilst learning from home. Taking place online for the first time has opened up the possibility for a diverse intake, there are fifty-eight students enrolled from partners across Europe. The course is taught by Partner Trainers and Guest Speakers from varying divisions within Oracle, hosting over seven different speakers within the first week.

I’m gaining valuable information which I can leverage during my career. Importantly I look forward to developing a deep technical understanding of Oracle Cloud, how solutions are designed and best practice for a variety of custom implementations. Alongside this I’ll  develop an understanding of pricing, SLA’s and how Oracle compares to its competitors. In four months I anticipate being better positioned to discuss with clients what is possible, what is not possible and what can be expected in an Oracle cloud implementation with Namos.

Whilst enrolled in the Oracle Tech Fresh Talent course I’ll post regular blog updates about concepts learnt, ideas and (hopefully) some interesting experiences about starting at Namos virtually. David Rotman describes the prospect of Moore’s Law coming to an end in the 2020’s in an article for Technology Review (Rotman, 2020). Rotman remarks, with an air of pessimism, about the future of innovation due to the slowing growth of computing power. The development of computing power may slow down, but creative innovation using what’s available will continue to progress and migrating more businesses into the Cloud is a step in the right direction. I look forward to applying skills learnt in the Oracle Tech Fresh Talent course and assisting businesses toward being part of a new chapter in Technology.


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