6 New Features to Look Out for in Oracle Recruiting 22B

6 New Features to Look Out for in Oracle Recruiting 22B

Author: Esther Hess, HCM Consultant, Namos Solutions

This month, I’ve been smiling as I read the 22B Oracle Recruiting release notes, thinking about recent implementations and implementations about to kick off. Users will benefit from a slew of improvements as many clients receive 22A and 22B at the same time. (Please check out my colleague Pete Gutteridge’s post for his opinions on the 22A release here.)

From a user’s perspective there are some long-awaited features in 22B that on the face of them may seem minor but will really improve candidate and recruiter/hiring manager experience.  There are queries that you can predict will come up time and again on implementations and I’m looking forward to being able to respond with a big ‘YES, Oracle Recruiting can do that’. These include:

  1. Add Comments when Moving Job Applications: Recruiting users will be able to add comments to applications they’re moving through the candidate selection process. Comments will be available in the Current Progress and Progress History views and will allow everyone involved in the recruitment process to communicate better regarding progress and decisions taken throughout the recruitment process.
  2. Candidate Label in Prospects and Job Applications: This one is a personal favourite of mine. In 22A recruiters and hiring managers gained the ability to tag labels on candidates. In 22B this functionality took a big step forward, as they can now be used in the grid view of applications and be used to filter applications.
  3. Job Application Computed Fields: You can define your own (computed) fields using Fast formulas, based on data collected in job applications, and display these fields in the application lists using the grid view feature. Oracle’s examples of this have focused on diversity flags e.g. where you want to highlight diversity features without revealing specific diversity information about candidates, to people involved in the recruitment process. This is an excellent example, but this feature made my and my colleagues’ minds race with more possibilities.
  4. Candidate Time Zones in Interview Scheduling: We’ve eagerly been waiting for this one to land! Candidate notifications and interview scheduling user interfaces will now reflect the candidate’s time zone to ensure the candidate and interview coordinators are scheduling interviews at the appropriate times. This solves a headache for recruiting teams and removes confusion for candidates when scheduling their interviews.
  5. Banners for Job Requisition Approval: 21C introduced a banner for job offers to enable people involved in the recruitment process to track how job offers are moving through the approval process. In 22B this is extended to job requisitions, so users know where requisitions are in the approval cycle. Additionally, users can click links to see more detail and/or take action e.g. see who is the next approver or approving or rejecting the requisition.
  6. New Business Object for Agents: Finally, from my perspective and that of my fellow Recruiting Consultants, we’re finally able to use an HCM Data Loader (HDL) to load recruiting agents. This will massively reduce the time it takes to get these details into the system, previously it’s been a manual task of keying in hundreds of agents for clients.  Hurrah!

This is just a handful of the features coming in 22B, I recommend you take a look at the release notes to see what other improvements are coming and how they’ll apply to your recruiting processes… and Namos customers should expect their enhancement assessments, along with your tailored recommendations, to arrive in your inboxes soon.

For anyone thinking of moving to Oracle Recruiting or if you’d like to know more, we’d love to hear from you!

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