5 Hidden Gems to Look Out For in Oracle Cloud HCM 22A & 22B

5 Hidden Gems to Look Out For in Oracle Cloud HCM 22A & 22B

Author: Adam Maxwell, HCM eNlighten Service Delivery Manager, Namos Solutions

22A and 22B come with a bumper release in May due to the extended patching cycle, so here are my five hidden treasures across the HCM Suite! It’s a 3 min read maximum.

1. Oracle Wellness – An integration to smartwatches is now available, which is plug and play via a data connector. As a huge Garmin fan myself, I think this is a great feature and I think Larissa Nieuwkoop, our HR Business Partner may wish to get this off the ground on our internal pod, for our September step count challenge!

2. Transaction Manager – One for all the System Administrators out there… you can now immediately refresh the status of approval transactions. Previously the status would be updated once the batch process ‘Refresh Transaction Administrator Console Transaction Status’ had been completed. You no longer need to wait for this.   This is a handy tip to ensure your workflows are healthy.

3. Payroll – A very small auto enabled change that will have slipped through unnoticed for some.  You can now easily identify pay slips by their unique document name.  By adding information into the document title, each payslip has the date followed by Net Pay.  Check your pay slip in Self Service now to see! You can revert this back or change the format using the Process Configuration Group.

If you aren’t using online pay slips, why not?  Huge cost savings to be had.

4. Core HCM – There is a new V3 Termination UI available.  If you are using multiple assignments, this feature is definitely worth a review.  It allows managers to perform assignment-level terminations, rather than just HR, which could result in huge time savings.  There’s an Oracle Technical document which is comprehensive, so I would use that as a starting point and if you wish to go ahead, you will need to switch off the V2 Termination, via a Structures and Expression Language change.  This is not auto enabled and will need testing but looks like it could be useful in Higher Education or Blue Light Service organisations. 

5. User Experience – OK this one isn’t exclusive to 22A / 22B but I’ve included it as it’s incredibly easy to do.  If you can get buy in from your stakeholders to change the landing page, it is instantaneous, a skin change only (so will not affect any functionality / configuration) and greatly enhances the user experience.  I’ve included a visual below from the Redwood Theme on the Namos pod, do note this is one of many out-of-the-box options available.  Be Bold here – check your landing page now – if it looks tired and outdated, push this change through internally, you could even match it to your corporate colours!

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Namos Managed Services team recently held a webinar with our customer base to run through further highlights. We often find that if information is shared to SME’s within organisations, it helps with the adoption of change. Please let me know if you would like a copy of the recording or slide deck for you to share with your team.

Adam Maxwell
HCM eNlighten Service Delivery Manager
Namos Solutions
e: amaxwell@namossolutions.com

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