24B – Global HR new features

24B – Global HR new features

Author: Danielle Evans, HCM Consultant at Namos Solutions

Oracle are full-steam ahead in rolling out new Redwood functionality and the 24B Global HR release is proof of that. Over half of the new features and changes coming out for the Core module are Redwood focused.

Flows that are key to HR operations, ranging from Workforce Structures, to Areas of Responsibility, to Journeys administration have all had a spruce-up this cycle. Alongside the front-end fun, there’s a Personalization tool available now to support a smooth and seamless transition of Responsive UI customisations to VB Studio Business Rules for customers and Oracle partners alike.

Below we have selected three of the most relevant 24B updates for Global HR.

Redwood Experience for My Team

At the time of writing, Oracle are heading for full customer adoption of Redwood for Employee and Manager Self Service by 25B. Although it’s a year away, time moves quickly so we’re thrilled to see a new page for managers to get stuck into their own team-centric analytics and details for their reports across many of the standalone modules like Learning, Performance and Compensation.

The Team Activity Center is a hub that enhances the Responsive My Team offering. It’s designed to mirror the experience of the Employee Activity Center/Spotlight area and to bring Connections to the fore.

Redwood Experience for My Team

This all leads to a future where managers can seek out holistic information about their team without needing as many custom reports, or squirreling into standalone modules to find out more about their team’s learning course completion rates, goal completions on their performance reviews, and open requisitions for filling roles in the team, just for starters. Simple UI options to cut team data such as filters by worker type, interest area (compensation/positions/talent) and many action activities can be found on one page.

Redwood Experience for My Team 2

It rings true to Oracle’s aim to reduce clicks and bring home information to fewer screens to make the UI an enjoyable experience for managers, employees and HR specialists alike.

Whilst the Responsive My Team area is here to stay for now, this new offering is a welcome addition to the manager self-service functionality. To enable the Team Activity Center turn on the ORA_PER_MY_TEAM_REDWOOD_ENABLED profile option.

Position Costing section in Promote and Change Position flow

Another favourite this upgrade is the inclusion of the position costing in a key HR specialist and Manager Self service flow. Prior to 24B this page was mainly a standalone function; now, you can wrap most of a position change activity into one flow without the need for visiting more than one page.

If you use positions for costing segments to be used in your payroll configuration, enable this section on VB Studio.

Position Costing section in Promote and Change Position flow

The page is set up to seamlessly allow you to set your costing up within the page, avoiding several navigation steps to amend the costing outside of the flow. You can split the costing here in the same way as before; remember to ensure it adds up to 100%.

The same care taken before should be taken now if you are using shared/pooled positions and costing should differ for the multiple incumbents; your options remain to either split positions out and set costing against each position or override the costing at assignment level.

If you are happy with managers self-serving this activity then position costing is the way to go, since they can access these screens in the seeded Line Manager role. Remember you can always customise your manager roles or the Redwood screens if you prefer to limit entries by type of user.

Redwood Experience for Convert Pending Worker flow

The Core HR module has enjoyed a series of rollouts to Redwood UI on many of the key hiring actions over the past 12 months, and as Oracle Recruiting Cloud begins its Redwood journey in 24B, developers at Oracle are symbolically making the Redwood link between these modules through the Convert Pending Worker action flow.

It makes use of Oracle Search functionality which has been around for a little while, and customers are encouraged to turn on their Oracle Search functionality in order to use this new page.

Redwood Experience for Convert Pending Worker flow

As with many of the Redwood pages you are able to customize Convert Pending Worker in VB Studio, and over the next few releases we’re looking forward to what Oracle has in store for extending this page even further.

To enable this new page and the Pending Worker Redwood dashboard and edit features, activate the ORA_PER_PWK_DASHBOARD_REDWOOD_ENABLED profile value.

Whilst it’s not a five-minute job to switch to Redwood pages, we love the new features it offers to clients and the innovative ways you can customize these pages in VB Studio. If you’re not sure how to make the jump to Redwood and other 24B features, we at Namos Solutions would be happy to help! We can talk you through all the most important considerations for the 24B updates and how Redwood can be introduced into your systems. We will be able to work with you to create a structured Roadmap that will guide you through this ever-changing landscape. Please feel free to Contact Us.