24A Quarterly Update- Recruiting

24A Quarterly Update- Recruiting

Author: Shelley Yeomans, HCM Consultant, Namos Solutions


Welcome to 2024, and to start off the New Year Oracle have provided the details of the Recruiting Cloud 24A update from February 2024. This blog will cover some of the key enhancements that Oracle have made in 24A to help you get the most out of your Oracle investment. It is important for customers, clients and prospective users to understand these enhancements so you can choose which features to adopt to improve efficiency and continually improve the effectiveness of Oracle Recruiting Cloud.

Recruiting Enhancements – Standard Recruiting Module

Oracle continues to focus on improving the candidate experience by improving the consumer-like navigation around career pages, allowing candidates to easily and quickly access content / jobs that are relevant to them; quickly and easily.

We would like to share with you, our top enhancements from the 24A update;

Candidate Experience

  • Career Pages- Using Generative AI you can now select one or more job categories and have the system automatically create category tiles on a landing page. There is some configuration to set this up, but I hope you agree this is a great feature especially if you have specialist roles that you want applicants to be able to navigate to quickly.
  • Job Fit- leveraging Generative AI allows candidates to upload their profile and be served with recommended jobs, this was released in an earlier update but in 24A they are now able to see their suitability to a particular job based on their profile and the job details. You’ll see in the screenshot below it uses a 0-5 scale for skills, job history, education, and other data. This will hopefully help reduce the vast number of candidates that apply to roles who are not suitable or aligned to the requirement, recruiters can use hand in hand with pre-screening / disqualification questions to ensure they are reviewing more relevant candidates.
  • Oracle maps- Oracle maps was announced in 23D so candidates are now able to view jobs in a particular location using a more visually attractive map feature. In this release the loading speed of the map has improved and it now lists jobs under the location. There is also a new toggle button on the career site so the candidate can easily switch between the map view and tile / list view. These are out of the box features so no need for extra configuration, but key to note that Toggle Map and List is selected automatically for the default search page.

Candidate Interviews

Now these are exciting enhancements for recruiters!

  • In the Interviews tab of the job application, you will now see Interview Completed status once a date and time is in the past.
  • Administrators are now able to configure content in the .ics attachments for scheduled interviews. This is something that clients have been asking for now for a while as employer brand is such a priority for businesses, being able to control messaging and a consistent voice to prospective employees is top of any recruiting strategy. The 3 new categories available in Recruiting Content Library are;
    • Interview Calendar File For Candidates
    • Interview Calendar File For Interviewers
    • Interview Office 365 Event For Interviewers
  • Interview title- When you create an interview schedule or interview schedule template, you can define an interview title to indicate the purpose of the interview such as if this is a first interview, second interview, or a technical interview.

Job Offers

Last but by no means least, Cancel Job Offer/ Redraft Job Offers. I’m sure, like me, the fact that you have been unable to easily cancel job offers or redraft after the offer stage without causing a severe headache and/or reporting nightmares…. the arrival of 24A will answer our prayers! A reminder of the current process; if the candidate application is in the HR phase usually the recruiter has to manually coordinate with the HR team to cancel the work relationship, then a scheduled process needs to run to enable the Redraft Offer action.

Here’s what you can now do as of 24A;

  • Cancel job offer- you can now cancel a job offer for a candidate using a new simple one-step process. This can be used at the job offer phase, with the Approved, Extended, or Accepted state, any custom phases after the Job Offer phase and all the states in the HR phase except Processed.
  • Redraft job offer- You can now use the Redraft Offer action for job applications that are in the HR phase.

There are steps needed to enable these features, but RUN DON’T WALK, I promise it will be worth it!

Recruiting Enhancements – Recruitment Booster

Searching hiring events on career site- enhancements made to improve how candidates search for hiring events on the career site, these work similarly to job search. This includes support for:

  • My location search
  • Postal code search
  • Distance calculation
  • Radius search (supported for all location search modes)

We would love to discuss how 24A may affect your organisation. We can talk you through all of the most important considerations for the 24A updates and how Redwood can be introduced into your systems. We will be able to work with you to create a structured Roadmap that will guide you through this ever-changing landscape. Please feel free to Contact Us.