24A Quarterly Update – Oracle Time and Labor (OTL)

24A Quarterly Update – Oracle Time and Labor (OTL)

Author: Marcus Brown, Payroll & OTL Consultant, Namos Solutions

Given that OTL is part of the vanguard of Oracle’s charge to move customers to the brave new Redwood UI world, and the fact that we saw heavy updates in 23B and 23D, it is therefore unsurprising that many of the 24A enhancements for the HCM time writing module, are largely improvements to functionality that are not commonly used.

Screens that we think of when referring to OTL, such as the employee time entry screen, team timecards and approvals, were all transformed by the Redwood magic wand during last year’s halfway and final quarterly updates. It would appear that Oracle is dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s of what is remaining to be Redwooded for OTL. Which should give customers confidence about the maturity of the new UI for Oracle’s time writing module.

We would recommend that all customers make steps to try out the new look and feel of the new UI for Time and Labor. Fundamentally, the module infrastructure has not changed. Simply enabling a few profile options will present the module in a new party dress that boasts new features that customers can take advantage of.

Below we have selected 3 of the most relevant 24A updates for OTL (Oracle Time and Labor).

Non-Redwood 24A enhancements

Timecard Approval Enhancement

Relevant information to make an informed decision is crucial and that is what this enhancement aims to do. Those reviewing and approving timecards now have extra information that aids the review, and ultimately mitigates against any mistaken approvals. Additional configuration isn’t required for this update, it is applied with the main quarterly patch.

The information displayed with the Approval Task now consists of these 10 attributes:

  • Total Hours Reported
  • Job
  • Position
  • Person Number
  • Absence Hours Reported
  • Non Absence Hours Reported
  • Scheduled Hours
  • Previously Approved or Rejected
  • Resubmitted
  • Time Card level Comments
Timecard Approval Enhancement

Redwood 24A enhancements

Enhanced Team Change Requests Page

Time change requests are not commonly used in HCM OTL. Most customers do not have restrictions on employees for resubmitting previously approved timecards. Additionally, many customers have business processes in place that control any amendments using a proxy, such as a timekeeper, to review and make the changes using their admin access.

For those who are not familiar with the OTL Change Request functionality, it can be viewed as a more formal method of requesting amendments to a previously approved / processed timecards and is usually adopted if permissions are not set to allow editing of timecards in the status submitted / approved.

Oracle has updated the Team Change Request screen to the Redwood view which is shown below. In addition to the existing Redwood profile options, further values need to be set to site level to access this enhancement. This enhancement adds functionality already present for classic and responsive timecards, to the enhanced (Redwood) timecard view.

Enhanced Team Change Requests Page

Employee Calendar Enhancements

This update isn’t regarding timecards, the ESS (Employee Self-Service) Work Schedule view falls within the OTL remit. This view that pulls all the normal working shift patterns and leave that are relevant to the employee, and it then displays this in a pleasing-to-the-eye tabular/grid view. With this enhancement customers don’t need additional config to enable if they already have the Redwood profile options applied. The new features include:

  • Palatable / easily viewed partial, all-day, multiday absences on the employee calendar.
  • Ability to track the approval status of absence requests.
  • User friendly view of assigned shifts or work patterns including break information.

Below is the landing page for when employees arrive at the Work Schedule page. This page summarises the period activities with respect to work patterns and Leave. Absences and Public Holidays have been filtered off to display only the shift information.

Employee Calendar Enhancements

Selecting the calendar view gives the tabular/grid view, which is easier for the employee to visualise their working rota and any up and coming leave.

calendar view

How to best make the jump to Redwood and other 24A features is something we at Namos Solutions would be happy to discuss and assist you with. We can talk you through all of the most important considerations for the 24A updates and how Redwood can be introduced into your systems. We will be able to work with you to create a structured Roadmap that will guide you through this ever-changing landscape. Please feel free to Contact Us.