23D Quarterly Update – Recruiting and System Working Together

23D Quarterly Update – Recruiting and System Working Together

Autor: Pete Gutteridge-Paye, Talent Management Practice Lead, Namos Solutions


Oracle Recruiting Cloud will receive the 23D quarterly update from November 2023. This blog aligns Talent Acquisition and Recruitment organisational needs and requirements with the relevant enhancement from Oracle in 23D. With quarterly enhancements delivered by Oracle, it is important as customers, clients and prospective users, that you can see the benefit of these changes and that you are able to proactively choose which ones are required, optional, and very importantly, which ones solve issues or bring efficiencies to your Oracle investment.

Recruiting Enhancements – Standard Recruiting Module

Operational Requirement – Maintain Consistency and Control

An investment in Oracle Recruiting Cloud is a major financial commitment for any organisation and it is important that this investment is maintained and developed to offer the best modern experience for recruiters and candidates. Maintaining the system and keeping on top of configuration decisions can become consuming for HR Systems teams and a solution to monitor this is an important requirement.

23D Release Solution – Recruiting Feature Configuration Report

Administrators can now use the new Recruiting feature configuration report to review the features that are enabled, the settings, the profile options and metrics on required processes scheduled all in one place. Following quarterly updates, when scheduled processes may stop or pause, this report can also give a quick glance that the schedules that are expected to be running are in place, ensuring the system continues to work optimally for all.

Operational Requirement – Candidate Experience and Compliance

Recognising and delivering the correct regional diversity and disability questions is important for employment law and local diversity requirements around the globe. Recruiters need to be satisfied and confident that the systems collecting candidate information are compliant, whilst collecting information that is required based on the country.

22D Release Solution – Diversity and Disability Questions

Recruiting globally with Oracle Recruiting Cloud is easy and built to recognise localisations and regional requirements. 23D makes this data collection even easier as the country that the candidate is applying from is the one that is shown to the candidate, with other country requirements minimised by default. Candidates are guided to fill in the information that is required for their country and location, ensuring compliance and correct data collection.

Operational Requirement – Easy Navigation and Applications

Ensuring that candidates can easily find openings and vacancies in your organisation, enables them to apply easily and see the modern, technological company they are applying to. Candidates will see a company career site as the window to the organisation and the culture that exists within.

23D Release Solution – Explore Jobs using Oracle Maps

Oracle is providing a new map view for candidates without needing a separate contract or account with a third party. Oracle maps is available to customers as part of the recruiting licence with no extra costs involved. If customers are already using Bing or Google Maps these will automatically be replaced by Oracle maps in 23D. In 24A, this feature will be enabled out of the box. This enhancement allows your candidates to find jobs in another way, not only ensuring everyone can find jobs in a way suitable to them, but also reaching more neuro diverse candidates who do not always get the best from lists.

Operational Requirement – Attract the Best Talent

Sharing information with candidates on the career site and advert ensures that candidates have the most information to decide to apply for a role. Being able to manage expectations of candidates and surfacing candidates to recruiters that meet requirements, gives a better candidate experience and manages expectations all round.

23D Release Solution – More Requisition fields available to candidates

Even more information can now be shared on the career site for candidates to filter and to check if the job search aligns with their requirements. Candidates expect important information regarding the advertisement to be easily visible and available to them. Searching through the advert wording is not a modern way of researching jobs and vacancies. Making the candidate experience modern, connected, and quick is a requirement of a modern recruitment offering.

Operational Requirement – Candidate Self-Service

Freeing up recruiters and hiring managers to add value to the recruitment process is important to drive a reduction in the time to hire. An efficient way of achieving this is to empower candidates to be able to manage parts of the recruitment process themselves. This not only allows actions to be completed in bulk, and quickly, but also removes the recruitment team from being involved.

23D Release Solution – Additional Interview Slot Requests from Candidates

When an interview schedule is shared with candidates, but their schedule does not fit with the times and dates offered, they can send a message to the recruitment team through the system to ask for a suitable alternative, or more slots. This new functionality allows another message facility through the system for candidates to manage their recruitment experience at a time and date that is suitable to them. They then receive an answer from the recruitment team to schedule a date and process their application further.

Operational Requirement – System Usage and Application Processing

Managing candidates through the recruitment process efficiently and effectively drives the time to hire and candidate experience in parallel. With bulk recruitment and many moving points in the system, it is inevitable that candidates can be moved in error and the requirement to revert these movements quickly is important, in order to maintain the validity of the process.

23D Release Solution – Revert Candidate’s Application to previous phase from Offer Phase

A long-awaited small enhancement with a huge impact is finally arriving. At the moment candidates that are moved to the Offer phase cannot be moved back through the process without rejecting them and adding them back to the requisition. This is not only a poor candidate experience but also does not maintain candidate reports and analytics. 23D now allows candidates to be moved back from Offer to the previous phase when moved incorrectly or when information changes. This change is a massive improvement to the recruitment process in Oracle Recruiting Cloud.

Recruiting Enhancements – Recruitment Booster

Operational Requirement – Simplify Registration of Hiring Events

Processing candidates at Hiring Events efficiently and quickly is important to ensure that the event runs smoothly, and candidates are processed without delay. Hiring Events are the first time that candidates see the inside of the company and the culture they are aligning themselves to.

23D Release Solution – Event Manager Manual Confirmation of Registrations

Oracle allowed candidates to self register when hiring events was first introduced. This sometimes meant that candidates forget to confirm registration or did not confirm, which impacted the information that recruiters have to follow up with after the event. Now that a reception or manager can confirm registration at a welcome desk, or the registration area can collect candidate arrivals at events, this will ensure that event metrics and future reports are built on factual information and target the correct people with campaigns or messages.

Operational Requirement – Manage candidate communications within one system

Introducing two-way communication requires a full system that works smoothly together to ensure that recruiters can act on replies quickly when messages are received. The reputation of the recruitment team and hiring managers can be made or broken depending on the responsiveness of replies and information. A system needs to work with the hiring team to deliver service.

23D Release Solution – Notify Hiring Team of replies to auto-generated messages

Oracle Recruiting Cloud now notifies the hiring team of replies to two-way communication auto-generated messages to allow quick and responsive replies to be sent. This not only keeps the candidate selection process moving as quickly as possible whilst building on the reputation and the values of the organisation.

Operational Requirement – Manage Candidate needs at Hiring Events

Ensuring that candidates can provide information to organisations that start to build what they are looking for in a new role, is important to designing hiring events. Pre-screening questions that are meaningful and involve the correct type of candidates in the process, means that organisations can involve the correct audience and candidates that are suitable, and that they are invited to attend the correct events.

23D Release Solution – Pre-screening Questions Filter in Hiring Events

Hiring event registrations answers can now be filtered in the registration screen to allow for the correct candidates to be invited. It also allows you to see the type of candidate interest that is coming to the event. An example is asking candidate questions about their skills or interests, and then checking the answers will inform the recruiters of the support they may need to plan a successful event which promotes the company and attracts the talent you require.

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