23C – Talent Management Updates

23C – Talent Management Updates

Autor: Rafael Goncalves, HCM Consultant, Namos Solutions

From July 2023, Oracle are delivering more long-awaited updates, enhancements and many new features in the Talent Management and Learning space, which will surely benefit HR Specialists, employees and managers.

In recent upgrades, Oracle has introduced more pages and flows of the Redwood layout to recreate the user browsing experience on several Talent Management and Learning self-service pages. Oracle is also introducing something brilliant called Oracle Grow, this new feature will Consolidate employee growth preferences in only one place, so they will be able to explore more of their career path, letting them drive it with more engagement.

It was very interesting to read through the 23C release notes. There are many features (in fact most) that I would like to mention, however below are my key highlights and most impactful features to look out for:


INTRODUCING ORACLE GROW: With this new feature Oracle Grow, a part of the Oracle ME employee experience platform, combines learning, skill development, and career mobility to drive individual and organizational success. It brings together all the elements that your employees need to excel in their current roles and for career growth including learning, skill development, gigs to develop competence and expertise. 

EMPLOYEE VIEWS HR-DEFINED CAREER PATH ON CAREER PAGES: Explore your career on Career Development, became more interesting with more elements, it Consolidates employee growth preferences, such as, skills, learning topics, careers, and jobs, as well as manager-assigned development, such as, core skills, all in one place. On the Explore Careers page, if defined by their HR specialists, employees can see a career path that shows the roles that they can plan for to grow their career.


SUCCESSION REDWOOD EXPERIENCE: We were very much looking forward to the new REDWOOD VERSION of the succession plan. With this new version you can see the count and list of other succession plans for a person who is also a candidate. The new version displays incumbent information, displays flexfields, and also displays willingness to relocate, risk of loss, and impact of loss.


MASS RECALCULATE MANAGER RATINGS IN PERFORMANCE DOCUMENTS: This is fantastic news for HR Specialists, you can now mass recalculate manager calculated ratings for overall, performance goal, development goal, and competency sections in performance documents using HCM Data Loader. 

DEDUPLICATION OF COMPETENCIES IN PERFORMANCE DOCUMENTS: HR specialists will save time with this new update, no more manual processes. When HR specialists run the Synchronize Person Profile Competencies in Performance Documents ESS process to add missing competencies to employee performance document, it will now exclude adding duplicate competencies that already exist in other competency sections in the performance document. Performance documents are updated only if the Set Goals task and other evaluation tasks are incomplete.


DEFAULT GOALS SORT ORDER: Much awaited feature! As administrators, you can now use the Default Sort Option for Performance goals profile option to specify the default order in which goals are listed in a goal plan. The default sort order is Display sequence, but you can change it to any one of these sort options: Goal name, Goal category, Goal status, Last updated date, etc.


LEARNING RECOMMENDATIONS TO CLOSE GAPS WITH CURRENT JOB ROLE AND CAREERS OF INTEREST: Let’s say that a software development director needs to have communication and presentation skills competency at a minimum proficiency level of 3. If a worker with that job currently has a communication competency at proficiency level 2, they have a gap between the current and required competency proficiency level. In this case, Oracle Learning can recommend learning items with outcomes that have communication competency at proficiency level 3 or above.

MASS UPDATE LEARNING ASSIGNMENTS: This is another fantastic feature, it will let you reduce manual maintenance of learning assignments, as a learning administrator, you can now make mass updates, such as withdraw learners, delete assignments, bypass and complete assignments, and update assignment dates using new Mass Action options on the Learning Assignments pages.

REDWOOD LEARNING RECOMMENDATIONS LIST PAGE FOR ADMINISTRATORS: To give a holistic view learning recommendations, you can use the new Redwood Learning Recommendations page to search for, filter, and create learning recommendations. This page is where learning administrators can see all the recommendations.

There are many more enhancements in the latest 23C release for Talent and Learn, 22 in total, however I have highlighted the key changes that will make an impact to Talent Management users. 23C release is a one of the milestones highlighting that Oracle is continuously investing in enhancing the application’s user experience and there will be more features coming soon! To learn more about what else is coming, I recommend you take a look at the release notes Performance, release notes Learning  for the full detail of what is within 23C, how you will benefit from them and how they will apply to your processes.

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