23C Quarterly Update – Solving your Recruiting Needs

23C Quarterly Update – Solving your Recruiting Needs

Autor: Pete Gutteridge-Paye, Talent Management Practice Lead, Namos Solutions


Oracle Recruiting Cloud will receive the 23C quarterly update in environments from August 2023. This blog aligns Talent Acquisition and Recruitment organisational needs and requirements with the relevant enhancement from Oracle in 23C. With quarterly enhancements delivered by Oracle it is important for customer, clients and prospective users that you can see the benefit of these changes and be able to proactively choose which ones are required, optional and very importantly which ones solve any issues or bring efficiencies to your Oracle investment.

Recruiting Enhancements – Standard Recruiting Module

Operational Requirement – Working more efficiently and smarter

In a market where Businesses that hire at scale or in bulk need to be able to action requisitions, candidates and offers at speed and efficiently to reach and retain talent, Oracle Recruiting Cloud needs to remain an assistant to that process and not a hindrance. Recruiters and hiring managers need to be able to access the system quickly to progress candidates through the hire cycle.

23C Release Solution – Recruiter Activity Centre

Oracle Recruiting Cloud introduces Recruiting Activity Centre, which is a new one stop shop for recruiters and hiring managers to easily access, manage and transact with candidates, requisitions and offers. Hiring Manager and Recruiters will be able to access Recruiter Activity Centre from the more actions area in My Team or My Client Groups and see an oversight of Application, Requisitions and Offer activities in one place. Actions can be taken from this screen to save time moving from one requisition to the next and trying to find candidates, offer and applications. Reducing the click rate to find information will bring efficient transactions to you recruitment team to allow them to be diverted even more to value added interactions with candidates and your hiring teams.

Operational Requirement – Company Branding

Your brand and career site is the window into your company. Candidates will be able to gauge your culture, Employee Value Proposition, modern outlook and most importantly where they fit in to that puzzle. Being able to update your career site to be aligned to your brand, accessible and current is key to attracting candidates who want to be part of your journey.

23C Release Solution – Design and Move Career Sites with ease

Oracle Recruiting Cloud provides rich, interactive and seamless career site design templates that help companies keep the candidate experience aligned to their corporate site and vision. Designing new areas of a career site no longer requires double effort to build into a test environment and again into the live environment. Instead career site designers can now build a new career site, template or brand in a test environment and then move it seamlessly by importing it to the production site.

Note: If you want to be able to retain the URLs of your career site so that you do not have to redirect web traffic from 3rd party sites, job boards etc. then we suggest that you overwrite your changes directly to your production career site in a time of low traffic and activity. This will protect the live URLs and your changes will take effect seamlessly into your current career site landscape.

Operational Requirement – Candidate Security

Organisations have great responsibility to protect the information that is provided by candidates to their career sites, while candidates demand modern ways of authenticating with websites that hold their information. The candidate experience is a critical part of the hiring journey and should be intuitive, fast and secure.

23C Release Solution – CAPTCHA Support

Oracle Recruiting Cloud already uses One Time Passcodes for verification when a returning candidate visits the career site to apply, manage their profile or complete tasks required of them. This feature is manageable to another level by enabling the ‘Keep me signed in’ functionality. If your country legislation or security strategy requires another layer of protection for you candidates Oracle have introduced CAPTCHA support:

CAPTCHA provides a secondary layer of security of candidates and also ensures that automated AI or bots are ruled out when trying to access the career site. Organisations can be overwhelmed with bots who can create candidate profiles, attach CVs without any validation that the candidate fits the vacancy requirements. This optional feature delivered by Oracle ensures that candidates pass the validation of authenticity before signing up to the talent community, applying to jobs or managing their profile.

Operational Requirement – Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is an important metric in any Talent Acquisition strategy whether an applicant is successful or not the experience that they have can impact their likelihood of returning in the future and their review or referral of your organisation. Candidate reviews and word of mouth experiences are really important to ensure that your organisation branding remains attractive, authentic and positive. Returning candidates who are looking at different opportunities should be able to use information provided previously for new applications and accelerate the process, that is why they trusted your organisation with their information in the first place, right!

23C Release Solution – Prefill Prescreening Info for External Candidates

Returning external candidates who have previously answered pre-screening questions will see these answers prefilled in any subsequent applications they make. This means that returning candidates can apply faster without having to duplicate information that they have already provided. Candidates will have the opportunity to edit the answers if any information has changed but being able to see the information that they have already spent time sharing with you again is a great enhancement for them to apply in the future.

Operational Requirement – Interview Management

Interview management can be the biggest activity that takes your recruiters and hiring managers time. Scheduling interviews should be quick, easy and interactive for both users. Your organisation is against the clock with competitors, counter offers and candidates commitments so being able to easily book and manage interviews is a crucial part of the hiring journey. Sometimes you need to be able to double interviews if the recruiters are the coordinators of the diary.

23C Release Solution – Double Booking of Interviews

Oracle Recruiting Cloud can now be configured to allow interviewers to be double booked. This is really useful if you are using the interview schedules as an appointment facility as well as an interview schedule. Being able to have multiple schedules across requisitions allows for appointments to be booked by recruiters for medical appointments, uniform fitting, familiarisation sessions etc. This functionality also allows for reasonable adjustment schedules to run alongside the main interview schedule to provide more time with the same interview panel.

Attach this functionality to the already available Microsoft 365 connection will ensure that the hiring team can still see availability of the interviewers directly in the Oracle Recruiting Cloud UI.

Operational Requirement – Image Management

To supplement your branding, look and feel and consistency of your externally facing career sites, notifications and webpages image management needs to be easy to manage and audit. Campaign administrators should be able to manage these artefacts quickly and have up to date collateral at their finger prints to create content with ease.

23C Release Solution – Image Library for Campaign Content

Oracle Recruiting Cloud introduces an image library in 23C to be able to upload images to a library or continue to use URLs from a central repository. These images assets can be used to supplement campaign email templates, campaign emails, or landing pages. This new feature will provide campaign administrators a central place within Oracle to store images which is accessible at the time of campaign creation without the 3rd party storage requirement needed currently.

Note: This is only currently for campaign management and does not include images on career sites, standard notifications etc. I hope that this is the next step on the Oracle roadmap as this will be a great step forward to be able to add images and maybe attachments in the future. Watch this space!

Operational Requirement – GDPR / Data Protection Compliance

Your organisation collects, manages and is responsible for large amounts of data. The retention, deletion and purging of this data needs to be easy so that you remain compliant with local data rules and laws. Campaign management for candidates should hold data that is used for the purpose of recruitment, for that campaign, to those that have given their permission,  and only for the period of time it is required. There is a lot of management and responsibility on your organisation to handle this data.

23C Release Solution – Purge Campaign Data

Oracle Recruiting Cloud has made campaign data purging easier and automated in 23C to take away part of the responsibility for data management. It is now possible to set the retention period of campaign email metrics up to a maximum of 1000 days. This means that campaigns can no longer use the email metrics, answers and send email to candidates after the retention period passes and can be automated in line with your organisation data retention policies.

Note: This new functionality does not impact HCM Communicate campaign metrics which are dealt with in a separate process and are now independent from each other.

Recruiting Enhancements – Recruitment Booster

Recruiting Booster is an extra licence product that accelerates and adds more functionality to Oracle Recruiting Cloud. The areas that are delivered currently are:

  • Two way communication
  • Hiring Events
  • Interview Management – Shared Interview Schedules and Walk-Interviews
  • Campaign Management – Image Library

 In 23C you will be able to see the below enhancements provide even more power to recruitment booster to accelerate your recruiting activities even more.

Operational Requirement – Mass Hiring Interview Management

Organisation need to be responsive and hire at speed whilst not compromising on quality of candidate experience. This is key for bulk hiring, seasonal hiring or spikes in recruiting activity in response to a changing need. When candidates are invited to an open event or hiring fair, your organisation may want to offer an joined hiring event and interview experience for candidates to be processed immediately in one visit. This promotes a great experience and use of candidate time but also ensures that your organisation makes the most of your recruiters and hiring managers time.

23C Release Solution – Walk-in Interviews

Oracle Recruiting Cloud has assigned walk-in interviews attached to hiring events possible when using Recruitment Booster. Organisations can organise a recruitment fair, or open day and have interviewers, short listers on hand to speak to prospective candidates and make an initial decision or interview decision right there.

Candidates register for the event and if they want to take a shortlist conversation or interview, recruiters can assign them to an interviewer(s) that are available at the event.

Following the event the interviewers can then capture the decision to move the candidate forward directly in the system to make quick offers of employment or take the next selections to the next recruitment phase in the selection process.

using this functionality interviewers do not need to have separate notes and can dynamically speak to people at an event and make a decision on the next steps or if interviewed and successful start the offer process.

These candidate interactions are all captured directly into Oracle Recruiting Cloud and therefore provide an extra level of reporting from Event – Application – Selection – Offer – Hire and beyond in the full employee lifecycle.

Important Information for 23C

AddThis – End of Life Notice

AddThis was a social media connector that worked in partnership with Oracle Recruiting Cloud and provided the opportunity for candidate to share, follow and recommend content on external sites. All active AddThis configuration will be removed  from 23B. If your organisation was using AddThis to share content Oracle have replace the share buttons with a copy link (as below) so that candidates can still share the content.

There is nothing for customers to do for this to happen as Oracle have completed this change in the background and there will be no downtime for candidates seeing the new share icon.

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