Author: Mohammed Rafi, Senior Consultant, Namos Solutions

Oracle Developer Cloud Service (ODevCS) is an Oracle Cloud offering that provides modern DevOps features in a single interface, thereby making the process more streamlined and efficient and also allows for easily linking several of these processes together in order to create an automated DevOps cycle. Oracle has combined the functionality of Oracle Developer Cloud Service with the visual software development capabilities of Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service to create a new, integrated, visual app development platform.

Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) is a cloud-based software development Platform as a Service (PaaS) and a hosted environment for your application development infrastructure. It provides an open source standards-based solution to plan, develop, collaborate, build, and deploy applications in Oracle Cloud. 

Oracle Developer Cloud Service provides a complete development platform that automates software development and delivery cycles, and helps teams manage agile development processes. The integrated cloud-based platform includes issue tracking, agile development management, code versioning and review, continuous integration and delivery automation, as well as team collaboration features such as wikis and live activity stream. With an easy to use web interface and integration with popular development tools, Oracle Developer Cloud Service helps deliver better applications faster.

Centralised dashboard for all the development activities

DevCS can make your software development experience easier by providing:

  • Git repositories, so you can host your application source code files on Oracle Cloud and track their versions
  • Maven repositories, so you can host library and binary dependencies of your Maven applications
  • Build system, so you can automate builds with continuous integration and continuous testing using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic Virtual Machines
  • Deploy system, so you can automate deployment to Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle Application Container Cloud Service, and Oracle Java Cloud Service – SaaS Extension
  • Code review, so you can peer review the code updates
  • Issue tracking system, so you can track tasks, defects, and features
  • Wikis, so you can collaborate with your team
  • Integration with Eclipse IDE, Oracle JDeveloper, and NetBeans IDE, so you can access and update source code files from your favorite IDEs
  • Integration with external software using webhooks, so you can send DevCS event notifications to the external software

Basic Workflow in DevCS

The diagram shows how a team of developers work together and use DevCS to write code, track issues, build, and deploy applications.

Developer Cloud Service offers the following features:

  • Task tracking system
  • Agile and sprint planning
  • Code versioning repositories
  • Code review process
  • Build servers
  • Tests Automation
  • Continuous Integration Engine
  • Deployment automation

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